Why Use Web Video For Your Business

Hello, we are Sunfacer Productions and we’re here to help your business become at least three times more effective. How? By using video. But how can video possibly help your business be three times more effective? Let’s look at a typical day. How many hours a day to you or your marketing staff work? Let’s say eight, based on a nine to five. Online video works for you 24 hours a day, that’s three times as long, but more than that it works 24 hours a day in every time zone. That’s globally. And what about the times when you or your marketing manager are not available? Video carries on promoting your business even when you’re otherwise employed when you’re in meetings, when you’re eating, sleeping exercising, traveling or on holiday. How many more times effective does that make your business message? And with the Growth of tablets and mobile devices video can be watched literally everywhere. It’s eye-catching, multi-sensory, memorable, emotiona,l on-demand, versatile, brand promoting, viral and proclaims your company as a market leader. Sixty percent of all internet traffic is video based. It increases search engine optimization by fifty five percent, customers are a hundred and forty four percent more likely to buy from watching an online video and visitors will linger on a site for up to eight hundred and thirty percent longer if video is included. This probably explains why over eighty percent of businesses state that video is an important part of their business and marketing strategy and best of all it’s cost effective for a fraction of the cost of employing an extra member of staff for a year you can have an online video which delivers everything we’ve talked about for several years. It can be used at conferences, exhibitions, events, client meetings and presentations – indeed the uses of video are limited only by your imagination. And the marketing experts we mentioned earlier? Every single one agrees on the power of video for business. The only danger is getting left behind by your competitors. If you’d like to know more, please contact us using the details here and we’ll be happy to offer our advice based on our professional experience, knowledge, and skill. We look forward to speaking with you soon.

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