Why video marketing? – How video content can benefit your website

In this video, we shall take a quick
look at why including video in your website can dramatically enhance your visitors’
experience. Websites are no longer new and
exciting. For many people, it’s now the norm
to search for information and to even purchase online. Your customers know they usually need to
visit several competing websites to find the best solution for them. This means your website now has less
time to make a lasting impression. Websites normally consist of words and
images split across several pages. This can be quite frustrating as visitors
have to navigate the menu system to find answers to any questions they may have. Statistics show that visitors only view a small proportion of the information provided. This is because reading words from a
is not an engaging experience. Video makes life easy for the website
visitor. A simple click on a play button and the video will start, providing
information to the customer in a very familiar format. Viewed on a computer, mobile phone,
tablet, or even a TV, video works anywhere for everyone. You can show more detail in less time. You can introduce people, places, and easily demonstrate products and services. Video is also easy to share on social media, and easy to find via web search. Video is interesting, engaging, and therefore helps
your products and services stand out from those of your competitors. Video marketing is the next step in
online customer engagement. Business owners are transforming their
websites and efficiently converting visitors to customers. If you’d like to discuss how video can help your business, please contact Bitpod on 013
92 555 123 555 123 or email [email protected]

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