Why would you want to have an online business – Part 2

Hi everyone, Suraj here again. In my last
video I talked about the lifestyle reasons of starting an online business. In this video,
i’m going to be talking more about the business reasons of running your own online business. Now there are some obvious reasons or benefits
of building a company online, such as: 1. lower costs to get started and maintain
an online business. There’s noo need to pay rent on any commercial units or office space
and instead the equivalent online might be a few pounds or dollars a month to host your
website which is the equivalent I guess of renting space on the high street. 2. its faster to setup and give it a go. In
the offline world, you may need to wait for certain things to happen before you start
trading like business loan approval, fitting of a shop unit, and market research whereas
online all the information you ever need is readily available within a few minutes and
you can get started on an idea very quickly using free or low cost methods, whether you
are building an app, whether you’re a tech startup or whether you want to sell a product
or offer a service you can get started very quickly on the Internet. and number 3 – you can be pretty sure that
your customers already have access to the internet and are already spending money online
on what you want to offer. You can sell to anything to anyone, anywhere in the world
when it comes to selling online so you can quickly startup and access a massive market
of potential customers for your business. As well as the obvious reasons, there are
some not-so-obvious reasons why having an online business is a really good idea. 1. it’s very scalable in the future. Not everyone
thinks about this when they’re thinking of starting out but what that means is when your
business is established a little bit down the road, being internet based allows you
to scale up and grow much faster than it can take offline. You don’t have the same constraints
on the Internet as you do offline. 2. technology is improving all the time which
means if you think its easy to start a business today just wait a few more years and you’ll
see how much more easier it gets not only to start a business but for people to buy online so you’ll
have a much bigger audience to sell to if you’re trading on the Internet. That’s it for my 2-part series on why you
would want to have an online business. if you’ve enjoyed this video please share it
online and leave a comment below this video with any questions or feedback. I’m Suraj, and i’ll see you on the next video.

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