Why You Need to Update Your Business Website in 2019

I’ve had a website for years, do I need
to do anything? If your website hasn’t been refreshed for a year even you
should take a look. Google and the bots that they use to
crawl over websites pretty technical stuff I know are constantly looking for
new content. So if your site is a year or more old you’re not going to be as high
up in the search ranking results as you could be. And refreshing your site, if
it’s built on older technology then it’s not going to look as current as what a
lot of people can produce. So again, if you’re relying on e-commerce
to grow your business you’ve got to invest in your website. Again look at if
it’s just another storefront for your business. You would constantly change
your storefront right? You’d have new products in there. It’s
the same. Use your website to sell your business sell your products or your
service. Refresh it, put new pictures on there, add new content. If you don’t have
a blog you might want to add that. You can link it back to social media sites.
All of these things will help what’s called your organic search results and
that’s really important. You can spend a lot of money on a website and not do all
the extra bits and pieces. It’ll look great, but you won’t get much traffic, you
won’t get many calls from it unless you add all the extra bits and pieces as
well. And if you’re relying on a real old website that you’ve not updated in a
long time people will see it and they’ll benchmark you against your competitors
and think, well hang on a minute… this this company perhaps isn’t in touch
as they could be. And so maybe I’ll go with that competitor. So do you really
want to lose customers and lose business by not having the best online presence
that you could have? I would advocate it’s not that expensive. You need to do
it and keep current and constantly change it. Make sure you do it at least
once a year and add new content at all times.

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