Windows 7 End Of Life – What does it mean for my business?

Hello! Scott here from Wilson Computers. In
January 2020 Windows 7 goes end-of-life, this means that in less than six months
Microsoft will stop supporting this version of Windows and will no longer
provide security updates. Third-party vendors, such as sage will also stop
supporting Windows 7 meaning it will not only be a security risk but some
hardware and software will no longer work properly. For those still using Windows 7 we are recommending replacing rather than
upgrading. This is because the license for Windows 10 is expensive and Windows 7
computers are likely to be quite old, so this is a good opportunity to replace
older hardware. To find out what version of Windows you are using you can select
the start button, type computer in the search box, right click on computer or
“This PC” and then select properties. Under Windows Edition you’ll see the version
and edition of Windows that you are on. If you’re one of our contract clients
and don’t worry because we will be a touch soon. If you aren’t a customer of
ours then I recommend getting in touch with your IT support as soon as possible to get
advice. If you have any questions at all then get in touch or comment down below. Also, please subscribe to our channel by pressing the subscribe button. And
remember don’t just turn it off and on again call Wilson Computers.

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