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Okay we’re taking a look at Wix. Wix is
an excellent website provider. I have clients that use Wix, I have friends that
use Wix. One of my friends is pretty much the top body painter in the country who uses Wix and for what you get, for what you pay, they’re great. Here’s your plan, your monthly
payments. If you need a landing page or you need something
that’s gonna go up fast, Wix is a great way to go. But, I can also
tell you because this review on Wix is going to be very
abbreviated. Wix is a, doesn’t matter what business that you’re in. Wix is
essentially a real estate website template provider. So they do a couple
pages of design, they have some templates that connect to the vertical of
the type of business that you’re in and their whole development strategy is
just kind of tackling vertical after vertical after vertical. This is a real
estate website. What I could see using one of these for that would be brilliant
is simply a landing page. Like if you needed to build a landing page that was
going to talk about a specific property site and you didn’t want to use some of
those property specific real estate providers that are out there this might
be good way to go. Phone number, picture, pretty pictures of the property. You get
it up and going in about an hour and then you launch it and then you spend
anywhere from seven to fourteen dollars a month and you’re golden, right? But
in terms of if you have future plans, Wix is a dead end. So again many of these
solutions I have always been a proponent and when I’m talking in these videos I
try to say nobody that is a brand new agent unless they’re an experienced
business owner should put a lot of money into the web and that’s everywhere.
You should be very cautious about direct advertising of any kind Trulia, Zillow, me, anybody you should stay away until you have a little bit of experience in
the real estate business. So you know a great way there’s so many
different ways that you can put up a decent-looking website for maybe fifty
bucks for a year and that’s the way you should go if you don’t have very much
experience as a business person, a business owner, a real estate
professional. It’s a nice safe way to make sure that you don’t go broke in an
area where it’s completely unnecessary. Now let’s say for instance you’re a very
experienced business owner, you’re walking into establishing a business with
a budget and real estate is the business that you’ve chosen. That’s a
different story, but if you’re that guy or gal then Wix is not the solution for
you. However, if you’re young Wix will be very intuitive for you. If you’re a
college aged or one of the many professionals these days that seems to
be getting a degree in real estate and then graduating and getting ready to go
into the business. This is a super fast, super clean, super easy way to put up a
website. Their service is great, the reviews are decent and it’s hard to go
wrong. Like so here’s Wix reviews. All right so you can see almost 5
stars. A hundred and forty three reviews, rating for and it’s pretty much all
the same everywhere. Is that people, the users of Wix are giving it anywhere
between four and five stars and there’s hundreds if not thousands of reviews
that you can choose from including in the real estate vertical. So in terms
of a nice easy fast solution for somebody who wants to put
up a real estate website I do actually recommend Wix. I poo poo
a lot of providers because I just think there’s a lot of holes there isn’t very
many holes with Wix. They’ve got great support, you can get a website up fast,
they’re inexpensive, you really can’t damage your business plan all that much
with a Wix site about the only thing that you could do would be to attach a
really valuable domain to a really cheap website and then discover that you
needed to redo everything. That like let’s say that you get your hands on a
super-high premium like I just bought Ocean City New Jersey real estate I
couldn’t believe that it was available but I got it
and so that domain is a super premium domain and I wouldn’t say that you want
to use it on a site like this and that’s pretty much it. I mean this is a simple,
like these guys are in the business of getting millions of websites live and
they’re very good at it. If you really wanted to get into it there’s no
way none please don’t even ask don’t leave it in the comments, there’s no way
that you could build a big real estate business off a Wix website, not online.
You could do a lot of other things you could sell a particular property but if
you’re looking to generate leads generate traffic build a business Wix is
not the way to go. None of these really inexpensive real estate providers are.
They don’t have enough features or functionality, you are signing
ironclad terms and conditions which will which essentially sign away the rights
to your own content. I mean the list, you just run through my website. Please read
some of the articles I’ve written. There’s no way in the world that one of these
companies is a good one to partner with in order to build your business in a big
way but if you have very small, very specific needs. How can you go wrong? I
mean it’s a monthly plan is it seven dollars a month at the highest end. So
you’re talking eighty dollars a year. So hard to go wrong with that. All right
thanks for tuning in that was a real estate website review of Wix.

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