Wix vs Weebly: Which Website Builder Should You Use?

Hey there, it’s Tom from
websitebuilderexpert.com. Today, we’ll be looking
at what’s it like to build a website on both Wix and Weebly. By the end, you’ll know which
platform’s right for you. Lets do it. First, let’s crunch the
numbers on Wix versus Weebly. As you can see, Wix and Weebly
are both really popular. If you want to give Wix or Weebly a try, hit the button in the top right corner, or in the description to
sign up for a free trial. Okay, so the most important question, which one is easier to use, Wix or Weebly? Weebly prides itself on being easy to use. To create your own
content, all you have to do is drag the feature you
want in from the toolbar. You can only add features
to certain areas. But this is how Weebly
lets you switch templates without losing your sites content. It may be less flexible
than Wix, but Weebly’s still one of the most intuitive builders around. Wix is a pure drag and
drop website builder. This means you don’t
need any tech know-how to get your site up and running. It’s very easy to get to grips with. With Wix, you can’t switch your template once you’ve picked one. Bear this is mind when
you’re scrolling through their huge range. It won’t be hard to find one you love, so make sure you choose wisely. It’s difficult to pick a winner, but we have to hand it to Wix. Wix scores strong marks for ease of use. It’s a true drag and drop builder, that helps non-technical
users build stylish websites. To build a great site,
you need great tools. So how do Wix and Weebly’s tools compare? Well, Wix gives you incredible
control over the styling of your website. You get access to great tools
to build a stunning site. Plus, Wix is up to date with
the latest design trends, and adds new features on a monthly basis. Weebly’s tools are less
advanced than Wix’s, and there aren’t as many
customization options. This is website building
without all the extras. But if you want to get online quickly, you’ll love the simplicity. For a builder that combines ease of use with powerful site building tools, look no further than Wix. Search engine optimization, or SEO, is the practice of getting
more visitors to your site, by appearing high in search
engines results pages. So it’s pretty important
how much SEO support Wix and Weebly offer. Weebly does a great job
on the basics of SEO. You can take the necessary
steps to get your site ranking without any trouble. This includes adding site
description and meta keywords. Your Weebly site will
include responsive design and SEO formatting as standard. Weebly also has a great SEO user guide to walk you through it. SEO functionality is
built into Wix’s editor. Wix makes SEO easy, from adding the right tagging, to making your site mobile responsive. Plus, Wix’s sites are easier to load, and rarely every crash,
a big tick for Google. The more you grow your site,
the more important SEO becomes. And you can be confident
Weebly and Wix both offer solid and in depth SEO support. Now it’s time to talk money. Both Wix and Weebly offer free trials. So you can take them for a
test drive before you sign up. Let’s have a look at how Wix and Weebly’s monthly pricing plans compare. Upgrading to a premium
plan with Wix or Weebly brings a lot of benefits. For example, to get rid of adverts, you need to be on at least Wix’s combo or Weebly’s starter plan. This is very important for making your site look professional. Different plans come
with different features and functionality included. To see exactly what
you get for your money, use the links in the video’s description. We think both Wix and
Weebly are fairly priced and offer great value for money. Which plan is right for you will depend on your particular circumstances. It’s a narrow win for Wix because of the features you get included. Now we will run through
the top pros and cons of using Wix and Weebly. Let’s start with Wix. We’re big fans of Wix’s templates. You can choose from over 500
stylish and professionally designed templates to
make your site look good. All you have to do is pick one you like, and get customizing. Click the link on the screen now to check out Wix’s templates. Another big pro of Wix
is it’s help center. You can contact them
over the phone and email. It feels like hiring an army of designers and developers to help work on your site. One possible drawback of
Wix is that if you want to sell online, it’s eCommerce
functionality is limited. If you’re trying to sell over 50 products, and grow a long term eCommerce business, Shopify might be for you. But that’s not to say you can’t load a great online store with Wix. Wix’s eCommerce plans are a good way to get online and selling Now it’s Weebly’s turn. Weebly keeps things
simple and that’s perfect if you’re looking for a
painless and smooth way to get your website online. One of Weebly’s main flaws is that template customization
can feel limited. Without touching a template’s
code, it’s difficult to make wholesale changes to your site. Wix versus Weebly is a clash
of the drag and drop kings. Both will let you build
a functional and stylish website without any
coding knowledge at all. We’ve picked Wix as the winner because it’s bursting with features
to help you grow your site. It’s a brilliant
all-round website builder. But if you’re looking for
something super simple, then Weebly is the one for you. If you’re still unsure about
whether Wix or Weebly’s right for you, take
our four question quiz, to get personalized
advice on which builder is right for you. If you’ve found our
snapshot comparison helpful, subscribe to our YouTube channel, and pay us a visit at
websitebuilderexpert.com. Happy building.

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23 thoughts on “Wix vs Weebly: Which Website Builder Should You Use?

  1. One negative thing in Wix is – it hard to create website in mobile and it say go to your computer to edit the website it’s almost impossible to use WIX in mobile.
    Weebly is much easier than wix IN MOBILE

  2. Each time the Wix Editor gets updated, they mess up/ruin something – and you have to wait months for Wix to realize that those updates were terrible. This pretty much made me use Weebly, and by far I like it far more than Wix (although I've been designing with Wix since 2015).

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  4. Biased comparison much?? Title should say, "Wix beats Weebly" . Very counterintuitive! I was thinking about switching to Wix but now not so much.

  5. Good video. Thanks. Are you going to compare Wix vs SquareSpace in 2018? You should. I would like to contrast opinions 😉.

  6. Hi!
    And what about for people that is just starting small business and sold nothing yet, and need it to be free? which one is better?

  7. BA >> dev.entrepreneur-life.club is a great option for anyone who needs marketing tools to grow their business.

  8. If you said wix sites is quick to load then all the advise is not worth taking, Wix biggest problem as of now is the loading. Extremely slow, in fact its why I'm looking into weebly. This review was probably sponsored by wix or somehow receive some credit from wix. So bias.

  9. very helpful thank you. Either or for me. Weebly you can't move things around as much (ie change the 'design') but if this doesn't bother you Weebs is good. Wix you can put things exactly where you want.

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