Women’s Business Clothes : Women’s Business Clothes: Dress Pants

The most important part, of a business suit,
besides your blazer, is your pants. For that reason, you want to make sure that the pants
fit you well. First, we are going to take a look at Patricia’s pants. Now, she has on
the tan pants that are a part of that suit and they are velour. So, you have to make
sure, especially with that material,that it is pulling in the right areas. Now let?s do
a little spin, Patricia. Look, it fits her butt really nice. She of course has a great
butt. You’re Brazilian, aren’t you? That’s why. She has a good butt; however, the thing
is, also, you want to make sure that the pants are high enough on the waist. I’ll show you
that. Make sure that the jacket covers it because you don’t want any low-rider pants.
If you do happen to take off that jacket and your skin is going to show, that is inappropriate
for the office. OK, so she’ll turn back around. Now, she is going to show you her black pants.
Black pants are a number one must- have in the workplace. Like I said, you are going
to have a dark suit, so you must have a pair of fantastic black pants. You are going to
wear those probably more than you wear any other color during the week. I am going to
show you a couple of variations of mine. These are called capris. Now, I’ve shown you summer
capris; these are going to be the office capris. The thing about these are that they are dark
and you can play it off and wear them in the office. However, you may want to put stockings
underneath to give it a more conservative look. I hate stockings, but unfortunately,
we have to wear them. Right? So, stockings would go great under these with a pair of
heels. The other option is wool pants. Now, a lot of people think that wool will itch,
and they do itch, but these actually have a lining. The lining is cotton. If you get
a wool pant, make sure that the lining is not wool. These are gray, so these are also
beautiful because they can go with any black blazer or even a brown blazer. Again, these
are the gray ones. You can also put a belt with any of these pants. So, if they don’t
seem to fit you exactly perfectly, you can put that belt with it. Just make sure that
you have a pair of gray, a pair of black and maybe a pair of brown pants. You can mix-up
the fabrics, as well. As I said, those are velour and these are wool, but you want to
make sure that the fabric that you get fits you.

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