Word of Mouth Marketing Strategy in Small Business to Get Clients

Welcome back. It is Day Six of the How To Lose A Client In Seven
Days Seven Day Challenge. And today I’m just gonna be
talking about word of mouth. And how this fits into
the How To Lose A Client isn’t necessarily again
about how to lose a client, this is, we can also use
that phrase to think about any partnerships we’ve got, any activities that we’re thinking about
doing within our business, or anything that’s gonna take up a certain amount of our time that isn’t gonna allow us to achieve or reach our full potential. Word of mouth is really important and it’s something which
we all know happens as we get better at what we do. Pretty much all of you are gonna be what we call market experts. So you are experts in
whatever it is that you do. So that core pillar, delivery, you are an expert at
delivering what you do. So that’s market experts. All of you are market
experts within your business. But there are other people
which we need around us in order to make the most
of word of mouth marketing that’s out there. So one of those things
isn’t just about necessarily delivering your products really well, but also owning your space, be seen as that expert
or authority figure. But once you’ve achieved that, there are two other influences, or people that you need around you. And I call them salespeople, and social connectors. So salespeople, so this
is why large organisations have a sales team,
because they go out there and they do the sales
and marketing for you. And you don’t have to
worry too much about, you know that’s a
department that does that. However, you can have some, build some great
relationships and partnerships within your business of people
who may never buy from you, but they’re your biggest fans. And they tell everybody about what you do. And nurturing those
relationships is worthwhile investing some time and energy into. Because they save you the time of, basically you can just
get out to more people. The social connectors as well, are really really important
people, because again, you’re not human, you are
human, you’re not a robot. Which means that you can’t
do everything yourself. And so you can become a social connector, you can also have other
social connectors around you. I’ve chosen to become a social connector so that if anybody wants
anything to do with business, typically there is somebody
out there who I know I can say, “Go and speak to this person,” or “Go and speak to that person.” But it’s useful to have
other people around you Who are also social connectors because if your network
isn’t working for you, or as well as you want it to do, you can reach out to
other peoples’ networks and say, “Hey do you know so-and-so? “Do you know somebody who might
be able to do this for me?” So typically, and you can
take on different roles and responsibilities within this. If you’re a solopreneur
working on your own, you may end up having to be a salesperson, a social connector, and a market expert, you know all three of them. But in terms of like how this fits in with How To Lose A Client In Seven Days, this is really about knowing which people to pull in around you. Cause we can get really busy basically having coffee with absolutely
everybody who comes along. So this now isn’t just clients, obviously I encourage you to go and have consultations
and coffee with prospects, but when it comes to other people, salespeople, social connectors, and other experts within your industry, you can be forever having coffee with no real clear objective or idea about what your goal is of having all of these
meetings with people. I see it so often, and so, again this goes back
to what I was talking about, what is common amid the production line, slow down to speed up. So you need to slow down
those coffee meetings, and think a bit more strategically about who it is that you’re meeting, and whether they fit in with
your plan for your business. And having the power to say no to those people who aren’t
really fitting that. And your business is
gonna change over time. So it might be, there
may have been somebody you’re working with over a period of time, that now you’ve gotta say, “Do you know what? “Actually I need to cut them loose. “I’ve invested a lot of time and energy, “and maybe some money into this person, “it hasn’t brought me
the results that I want, “they’re a nice person, “but I have got to just say no to them, “and stop doing that.” If they’re not bringing you clients, if they’re not connecting with
the right number of people, and they’re not allowing
you to be an expert within their network, you’ve
gotta push them to one side and focus your energy on where
you are gonna get results. So that is how to create
word of mouth marketing for your business. That’s Day Six of the How To Lose A Client In Seven
Days Seven Day Challenge. And I will make sure you
download the worksheet, so the worksheet will be very simple. So we’ll just look at whether you perceive yourself
to be a market expert, what salespeople do you have
around you in your network, and who are the social connectors, perhaps within your network
and how they help you. And then I will see you for the final day, we’re almost there. The final day, Day Seven
of the Seven Day Challenge.

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