WordPress.com Business Now Supports Plugins and Themes

The new WordPress.com for business offers simplicity, speed, and expert support to create a beautiful website for your company and now WordPress.com offers access to thousands of third-party plugins and themes built by the WordPress community. Connect your site to email and social media tools, e-commerce solutions, and subscription services. People love WordPress because it is totally customizable. Your site will be able to grow with your business no matter how big you get. With WordPress.com for business your success will only be limited by your imagination. Visit WordPress.com/business now to get started and discover how WordPress.com can power your business today.

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4 thoughts on “WordPress.com Business Now Supports Plugins and Themes

  1. i've upgraded to business and want to change my theme to storefront but i don't see it in my themes and i don't see an add new option.

  2. I really hope that one day, all plans can choose at least ONE plugin. Business Plan is unaffordable for many, especially if they only wish to use ONE minor plugin for their blog.

  3. If I purchase the business plan. Will I be able to use it for a small business store? Where I sell accessories and other stuff? I want to purchase the business plan but I want to make sure it would look like an online store and have options for customers to check out with their debit card instead of PayPal.

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