WordPress.com Hosting Explained – Reasons why you don’t want to use them to host WordPress websites

What little bit of clarification as to where
you should host your WordPress website and more specifically I wanted to talk about WordPress.com
so when we think about word press a lot of people think well it’s WordPress.com but that
is not really word press that is a place to host your WordPress website is just a hosting
company, but it’s a hosting company owned by WordPress itself K now when people are
talking about word press they’re usually talking about WordPress.org that’s the website URL
and now it’s important to note that these are two separate things WordPress.org’s were
you actually get the program the software WordPress to install on your web hosting account
WordPress.com is is a where you would host your WordPress website but see there’s a big
drawback in a big negative in a hosting your [email protected] on people don’t know
this but word press on WordPress.com is a modified version of Word press and what the
negative is for you if you’re going to host your WordPress site there the negative is
the strip away a lot of the features and the functionality and the options to change and
customize things they strip all those away from you when you have your website hosted
on WordPress.com and I actually see a lot on this YouTube channel I have people say
hey you showed me how to do this and I had to click on the scene called the editor but
I don’t have the editor and the reason why you don’t have that editors because your WordPress.com
it’s a very optimize a locked down a version of WordPress now people realize is actually
two versions of WordPress there is the self hosted installed version of WordPress you
would put on your web hosting account in there something else called WordPress and you and
the M use stance for multiple users and is, technical what that is but what you want to
know is that you don’t want to be using you don’t want your website your WordPress site
on WordPress and you in a WordPress and you network and that’s what WordPress.com is and
you just don’t have the options to install whatever plug-in or whatever thing you want
you don’t get those options you’re pretty much stuck with whatever they let you have
and there’s a new technical reason why they do this five it’s not something that’s going
to really be a good thing for you and on top of it let’s [email protected] so
if they don’t show you when you come here what the costs are yet I was scrolling down
actually trace your premium plans but she doesn’t let you click on it to the village
click on the premium plans I guess they want to click on create a website and get further
along in the process to actually show you what the cost is but I found their pricing
pages that WordPress.com/pricing and the way I found it was a Google WordPress.com pricing
just so I could show you in this video now when you go there he looks like you’re getting
a free website and you actually are in their very generous in doing that but they don’t
let you have a custom domain name so to be whatever.WordPress.com so my new travel blog.WordPress.com
to have this crazy long URLs not a custom URL and that’s what you get here with this
free plan and here’s some of the highlights of it now the next bump up is $99 a year or
a 25 per month it’s action that’s what it averages out to be a 25 per month $100 a year
in then this will allow you to have white here this custom domain name and there’s just
some other things here is well and then they have the next plan out which is $25 per month
build yearly the big benefit here is a give you access to themes that they’ve created
so this is what the crippled version of WordPress that you get a WordPress.com gives you now
I want to strongly urge you if you’re on WordPress.com to get off or if you’re thinking of getting
a hosting account and not go with WordPress.com I’m gonna suggest that you go with in motion
hosting about link down below and actually when you go to in motion through my link and
make a our purchase a web hosting accounts I just go ahead and send your receipt over
to me and I have a bonus package that includes some of my Best to training programs on WordPress
covering SCO and all that but that’s out this video is about in Gordian motion hosting now
remember just on WordPress and we saw that cost per month when you visit my link to in
motion urinary get an immediate 38% off and scroll down and look at these prices they
got three plans the cheapest is 489 per month and then 629 per month in 1049 per month I
personally use in motion my website is on in motion I have the Pro plan and you can
see the probe plan the best plan that they have is the stilt one $15 per month less than
WordPress’s the best plan their middle plan is two dollars less and a lot more powerful
mind you that the WordPress.com plan and then you also have this baby plan here know there’s
a lot of benefits to having it here first of all there’s no restrictions on your WordPress
site the plug-ins and themes that you can install in the customizations that you may
want to make you have no restriction on any of that okay that’s the first to benefit and
there is there their network that in motion has is top-notch your website will be on what’s
called a solid-state drive which is the same kind of storage used in your iPhones and iPads
and tablets and things like that it’s a lightning lightning fast in motion has phenomenal support
staff that is available via live chat to assist you whenever you may need any help with anything
and you’re just can have no restrictions going with a company like this in motion blows away
the different hosting competition that’s out there as well I would strongly urge you to
stay away from Go Daddy’s hosting I would strongly urge you to stay way from home skaters
hosting and any of the companies owned by the parent company of host gator they own
probably about 50 different hosting companies so you really dealing with the same company
and that goes for blue host as well and the reason you want to avoid them is because the
your your website is going to load a very slow that’s the first reason okay you have
a very slow website the time it takes to actually load the website that’s number one number
two they don’t have the greatest supports you’re not can have the same speed to get
help of support their infrastructure is older and outdated and they seem to have significant
hacking problems so a good example is blue host blue host websites even though you’re
doing everything right they don’t have the security in place so the websites get hacked
and then you get an email saying your websites down you got to fix it if you wanted to go
back up or you can pay is $300 to fix it you can Google at there is a ton of stories about
that right now on the Internet of this kind of scheme from host gator and blue host where
they’re letting your sites get hacked because of their bad infrastructure and then they
stick you with the bill you don’t get any of that within motion they do backups for
you which is something you really don’t get anywhere else their backing things up for
you and that’s just one less thing that you have to worry about so anyways this video
wasn’t about in motion per se it was more about the recommendation to not host your
website with WordPress.com I love WordPress I love everything about WordPress but I don’t
love WordPress.com so anyways maybe going to show you here’s WordPress.com in years
WordPress.org where you can download WordPress but you actually have to download it if you
get emotion they have an installer built in that will install it for you with the click
of a button it’s so easy so if you do get a hosting with in motion make sure use you
number one click through my link to get to their sites you can get that discount but
number two after you placed your order go ahead and for the receipt on to me you can
go to my website there’s a contact form send me the receipt number I’ll make sure you purchased
it when you click on my link and you will get access to all of the training programs
that I sell on my web site that’s it for today’s video I love to hear your thoughts on it in
the comment section down below please also give me a thumbs up on YouTube that really
helps me out and if you haven’t subscribed it to the channel go ahead and click on that
subscribe on that also helps me out now I don’t want you to ever leave empty-handed
in that’s why I put together a free video course and just for my subscribers called
the three steps to WordPress success now if you would like free access to that course
just go ahead and click right here on the right thanks for watching and I’ll see you
in the next video

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22 thoughts on “WordPress.com Hosting Explained – Reasons why you don’t want to use them to host WordPress websites

  1. After a week off, i'm back!! This week I am going to answer the questions I get the most. I hear all the time in the comments section, "I don't have an edit option??". Well that usually because you have your website hosted on WordPress.com which is a HUGE mistake.

  2. Thank you a lot for this video! Is it ok for me to link this video to my clients in my WordPress Getting started guide?

  3. Is the WordPress.org software that you can use with another hosting website, is it as good as the wordpressoptions that you get on the premium plan on wordpress.com? Also, can you create an online store on inmotion?

  4. I like your explanations about .com vs .org for WP sites. Clear and easy to understand. Great vid!

  5. This is super clear and helpful information! I have my website on WP.com can I transfer my existing content to another host or do I have to start from scratch?

  6. Let me explain this quicker, there are differences, with wordpress.com you have limited functions that you can create something for free, but its never really yours. You have to pay for all the functions you want and its about 200 dollars per year. On wordpress.org you can host and create your own blog or website and use all the functions and you own it. Its the better choice. I have wordpress.com and I can't even do seo on the pages or anything unless I pay the 200 a year plan. Its not that great because I can even obtain traffic for it.

    Its only good for a person who wants something personal as a hobby and doesn't care about exposure. I'm stuck and I have worked on this for a year. It can't transfer that I know of. https://angrygirlfeminist.wordpress.com/

    Take it from me use wordpress.org and pay for the hosting and domain, its better all the way around.

  7. I host my wordpress sites at WordPress.com and never had issues! Been a web designer for 25 years. Not sure what you’re talking about

  8. I have heard/seen you must use wordpress.com business plan for facebook pixel to work with elementor pro. Any advice?

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