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about to set up your
business having a website is very important because this can help you spread your message
across the world so coming up in today’s video how to set up a small business website stay
tuned hello and welcome to the marketing domination show the show that helps you grow your business
using proven marketing strategies so in today’s episode we’re talking about small business
website with WordPress ok so let’s go through the things that you need to get you up and
running with a website ok so before we get started on the formula of how to get your
small business website up and running I have an osper to make now if you stay tuned until
the end of this episode I’ll be announcing my course which I’ll be giving away for free
now this course is a step-by-step process of how you can get your website up and running
drive from registering your domain name up to having a beauty Apple website which is
ready for the world to see ok so let’s go through the strategy of the formula that you
need in order for you to get a working website for a small business so firstly you need a
domain name not a domain name is very very important because this is how people identify
with your company and this is how they can actually come to your website now back in
the day it’s used to be very difficult to get your dog kalms but now things have been
made even easier because we have extensions now that end in. Plumber or. School. Cademy
or. Graphic sword art photography so you can get a beautiful domain name which ends in
a different extension compared to what appears to have before with the.com in fact my website
right now is Mac. Live so you can see how you can be creative with them with these domain
name extensions now. Main domain name registrar’s that I recommend are hover.com and godaddy.com
so I know there so many companies out there that advertise a domain registration a minute
there are hundreds of them but I chose these because I’ve used this was very long time
and a very easy to use and it’s very easy to find your way around so if you’re a total
beginner I would say go with hover.com all the links that I’m mentioning in this episode
will be found in the link in the show notes below ok so let’s say now you have your domain
already the second thing that you need is hosting now this is a very tricky one because
if you get this wrong that means your foundation is broken so whatever you going to build on
top of that it’s just going to be on shaky ground so let me explain why don’t you come
to the hosting there so many companies advert that advertised hosting so they have offered
some in a very cheap but the main thing that you need to look out for is the support first
check if the support is very good if they support is not good that means you’re in big
trouble because things to go wrong with with websites and sides to go offline so you need
someone at the end of the phone that can explain to you what’s going on or if you have a problem
with your website they can easily advise you on what to do so the hosting company that
I use before in my design agency was not very good and disgusted me my business because
I ended up spending most of my time trying to fix problems rather than build website
so this is a lesson that I’ve learnt and since then I’ve been using a company called inmotion
hosting the this company is fantastic because the team behind the support are people that
actually use WordPress and this is very very important because you do get errors sometimes
on your website that could be plug-in conflict so having someone that can guide you through
the process of getting your website up and running is very very poor don’t know the second
thing about inmotion hosting that I really love is the fact that they have SSD service
now what is is the stands for is solid state drives not busy very very fast drives it’s
one of those new things that are coming up in the in the hosting space bass clef you
host your website on these servers it guarantees speed so and also speed obviously he is very
important because Google can actually help you rank your website based on how fast it
can be accessed so this is fantastic and also if you run an e-commerce website you don’t
want people to come to your site and take so much time trying to load pages if they
want to buy something quickly so this is a massive advantage now be linked as well to
inmotion hosting is included in the show notes below Another reason why
I recommend using WordPress which by the way is installed automatically when you sign up
for your hosting with in motion so you don’t even see the process of setting up the WordPress
which is fantastic so all you do is you sign up for your hosting and once you complete
the process you are they notified via email how to access your website which I think is
fantastic because it takes away that process of learning or finding out how to build the
Durham install the WordPress website so this is automatic WordPress install which is brilliant
ok so what pressure why should we use WordPress and not just build a website with any other
platform like Joomla or Drupal or even normal HTML and CSS well the good news is WordPress
is a solid foundation for any type of website and yes any type of website if you take a
look at websites that are running WordPress pretty much there one in every 4 on the Internet
and that’s a huge number of think about 1 in every for websites on the Internet is running
WordPress that’s massive and that means obviously that there’s a lot of support if you really
want that and there’s a lot of product that I’ve built around WordPress which can turn
your website into different types of functions functions if we take a look at websites that
are using WordPress I mean it spans across different Industries we have celebrities that
use WordPress with a website we also have universities in fact the Harvard University
users WordPress and we also have media companies like the BBC they also use WordPress so it’s
very solid foundation and this is what I recommend I’ve been using this for all my clients and
I continue using it ok so now that we’re done talking about WordPress let’s talk about the
page builder now when you first install WordPress it comes up as a basic website in fact WordPress
office US theme which to be honest is very difficult to customise unless you are a programmer
so they are easier solutions for you to be able to design the type of website you want
and this is through page builders so they are stupid reload page builders are there
very good ones beaver builder there’s also elemento but the one I recommend is dv and
I’ll tell you why so when it comes to TV the reason why I love using TV is because it has
a visual page builder which means you can see what you’re designing and redesigning
it now I may seem a bit biased towards David because I’m part of the elegant themes team
which are the makers of TV but I’ve been using divi well before I join the team at elegant
themes so this was mainly due to the fact that their builder is way much better to use
very straightforward and the V dribble that is explained before is fantastic because you
can see what you’re designing as you designing it ok to stop these are the three main Pillars
so as I mentioned before once you have these three things you’re pretty much ready to have
a world class website out there for the world to see now I know obviously if I were to show
you all of this step by step this video will take for Billy an hour probably two hours
to her to complete so what I’ve done is I’ve created a course which has all the stuff that
I’ve discussed step-by-step as if you were watching over my shoulder so it goes from
the registering a domain name to Ashley having the final website now the file website going
to have five pages the first page is going to be the homepage which pretty much has euro
information about what your company does and this is also known as the value proposition
ok secondly the second page is going to have your about information so this is where you
can explain what your company’s about and if you have any testimonials you can have
them on the about page as well so this will be showing proper design the third page is
the services page which is very very important because when people come to your website they
need to know what services you offer the first page this can be any page you want but in
this example I’ll be showing you how to create a gallery page and then finally this is also
one of the most important pages because this is a contact page and this is how people get
to get in touch with you if they need to contact you so this 5 page website is absolutely free
aim in the whole process is I’m designing it is absolutely free all you have to do is
just to make sure that you buy your hosting through my affiliate link which I’ve included
in the charts below and his drop me an email just to say Lycopodium posting through your
link and how do I access my course and I’ll just pretty much give you access to the course
this cause normally cost $147 so it’s pretty much are there for you for free if you purchased
the hosting through my affiliate link which are wrinkled the show notes below ok so there’s
also a bonus so this website that I’m going to create I’ll be giving away all the files
that are used to create the pages so you can just download them and install them on your
website if you’re lazy so you can just take all the work that I’ve done installer junior
website and then you can just go in and then change my texts to your text and also the
images that are on the website to your kind of images so that could be another quick way
of getting yourself up and running and this can be done within a day so you can we have
a website are there in a day to start marketing your website II bonus is social media integration
now this is something I haven’t spoken about in this video but it’s very important because
when you start producing content for your website ideally you want people to share it
with the come to your website so I will show you a plug in which can make that process
of sharing your information all your content on social media easy ok so pretty much that’s
it so if you have any questions you can leave your questions in the comments a box below
and also if you are first it’s your first time coming to this channel I would recommend
that you subscribe because by subscribing you be notified every time I release a new
video ok so until next time thanks a lot for watching and see you soon

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  1. I agree: InMotion Hosting is the best. Their 24/7/365 US real technicians Support is absolutely awesome, and really nice people to boot. Good pricing, too.

  2. Your content is so professionally done, but also very real and laid back. I feel like anyone could sit down and talk business over a coffee in real life easily, or you could even run local meetups at libraries where people could bounce ideas off each other. +1 for suggesting Hover.com – they're my favorite domain registrar for a variety of reasons.

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