WordPress Tutorial: Do I need a website, a blog, or a website with a blog?

if you’re building a brand new site you might be wondering if you need a website a blog or a website with a blog at wordpress.com you can create all of these options easily right in your dashboard you can use wordpress.com to create a professional website with engaging content we have features to help businesses professionals nonprofits and e-commerce entrepreneurs create powerful web sites start with a theme that has a home page design you love or adopt any theme to have a static home page with one easy change then add pages menus and a logo and soon enough you’ll be ready to launch a blog is a type of site that puts your latest articles front and center if you plan on writing new posts publishing photos regularly and sharing news then a blog is most likely the best fit for what you want to achieve blogs are driven by the content you create blog designs will display your latest posts by default themes usually include a sidebar and a footer where you can add interactive blocks called widgets these can be used to showcase your content or link to social media when you signup to wordpress.com your blog can be set up in just a few steps choose a theme you love add some information about your blog and start writing publishing content regularly is a great way to improve your website search engine ranking and to increase your website’s engagement that’s why we often recommend website owners add a blocking section to their site you don’t have to install anything on your website to add a blog you’ll create a special page which features your blog posts and add it to your menu if you want to promote your latest blog posts on your home page you can link to your content easily switch between these three options with a few quick customizations watch our videos to help you set up the site that’s right for you we can’t wait to see what you’ll create you

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