WordPress Tutorial: How to Create a Custom Website Menu

Hi and welcome to WordPress.com. This video will show you how
to create a custom menu. Your website menu is made up of these links
that appear at the top of your web page, or, depending on your theme, can also
be off-canvas and hidden behind a button. Some themes offer additional menus,
such as a footer menu, and a social links menu. To create a custom menu, click on My Sites,
Customize, and then on the Menus tab. If your theme already has a default menu,
you can click on it to begin editing, or, click on Add a Menu
to create a new one. Type in a name for your menu,
then click Create Menu. There are several menu item types
you can use to build your menu. You can add a page, a link, category,
tag, post, and some themes offer additional ones like projects
and testimonials. To add one of these menu items,
click Add Items, and choose from the options
displayed for that type. If you wish to add
a brand new page to that menu, you must first create and publish it. Move a menu item by clicking
the Reorder link: Click the up/down arrows
to move a menu item up or down, and left/right to indent it, to make it
a submenu, or a drop down menu. You can also use the drag-and-drop feature. To make your menu appear on your site,
you’ll need to select a Menu Location. In this example, you would check
the Primary Menu box. Once you’ve organized your menu,
be sure to click Save and Publish to Save your custom menu. And that’s it! For more tips and tricks,
visit the WordPress.com support site.

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10 thoughts on “WordPress Tutorial: How to Create a Custom Website Menu

  1. Good tutorial but so many things at the same time and its difficult to follow for beginners. If the tutorial could be shown step by step example how to set up home page then menus etc.. this video shows all at the same time so its confusing

  2. hello, I created the menu, but I cant't link my posts with these categories in menu. All the tutorials that I've found present different layout of wordpress , this toolbar on the left is different. In your tutorial is the same, so can you tell me how to add particular post to particular item of menu? For example,following your website, I am writing about some event and I want to link this post with the category in menu which is called Events. How should I do it?

  3. But you don't show how to adjust our about or contact menu. It is complicated. Cause when i added about and contact menu, i see a lot of sections like "CSS Classes
    , Link Relationship (XFN)
    " then i could not fill these correctly. Then i didn't adjust these sections. Can anyone help me with that?

  4. Easy? I can't even find a way to change the background image. I do tools, motorcycles and wood working. A background with a lake and trees doesn't cut it.

  5. none of that appears anywere, bad explaining, rushes as if everyone knows the hell she´s talking about

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