Work, Internet Friends Day, Valentines Etc! ? (VITW #14)

🎶 [Intro Music] 🎶 🎶 [Music] 🎶 Hello people of YouTube! Welcome to todays vlog! *sigh* Can you fucking not? Today is my Mom’s Birthday, so yeah. We’re gonna go out for my Mom’s Birthday for a bit. I went to town with my Mom. 🎶 [Music] 🎶 We went to the nail bar to get our nails done. Then we went to the Cosy café. 🎶 [Music] 🎶 And here’s my nails. 🎶 [Music] 🎶 I just had a packet of crisps and a banana and a chai tea latte. 🎶 [Music] 🎶 Here’s what my Mom had! I am home as you can see that. My nails are done! I’m just gonna chill out for a bit downstairs with Mom as it’s her Birthday. My hair after wearing a hat all day today and yesterday. My hair wouldn’t go how I wanted it. My fringe is a mess. 🎶 [Music] 🎶 Got ready for the meal! 🎶 [Music] 🎶 Went to an Indian restaurant. 🎶 [Music] 🎶 Yeah, we’re having food. I had like a vegan curry. It was so good! 🎶 [Music] 🎶 Hey people of YouTube! Yes I look a mess ’cause obviously I haven’t got ready yet. It’s that time now and I got up like an hour ago. It’s not that bad because usually I’m in bed longer, but it just makes me feel really lazy when I struggle to find motivation to get out of bed right away. I’m gonna go downstairs and help my Mom out with some stuff. I’m not gonna say what it is, but like I’m just help her with the technology side of things basically with what we need to do. I helped my Mom out with that e-mail thing and whatever else. *sigh* Still windy outside. Yeah, that’s all I’ve been doing today so far, so. Obviously I couldn’t vlog that ’cause I have help my Mom out with technology stuff at times. Yeah, I just booted up my PC. I’ve realised next week is my YouTube anniversary. When is it? 19th which is on next Wednesday, so I haven’t even started on that yet and I need to. I’ve got some ideas. Still writing in my diary if anyone’s wondering. I haven’t really done a vlog in the week in a while and I remember last time I tried to and it completely failed. I should write today’s diary actually. I might upload the failed one or at least do something with it, I don’t know. I feel like it’s I can’t really upload it now ’cause I like to upload my vlogs in order and it was before the Birmingham weekend. But yeah, I’ll upload it on my second channel or do something with it. I don’t know. I got the gym later as well. Which I might try to vlog a bit of that on my phone as I always do ’cause yeah I still go to the gym. Yesterday I haven’t and I feel I haven’t been in a while. 🎶 [Music] 🎶 I look a mess because I just come home from the gym. I totally forgot vlog to the gym. I was kinda thinking about it while I was on the cross-trainer, but I. I think so like focused on my workout I just totally forgot sort of thing, but I feel like I really pushed myself tonight. in a good way, not push myself in a negative way. But yeah. I went on the cross-trainer, rower, the bike all that for 10 minutes. Like 20 minutes on the treadmill. I was like going up hill for like 5 minutes and then I was doing like running I feel like or well it was almost running probably more like jogging for like 5 minutes and then I walked a little bit and then I did more running before the time was up sort of thing, but yeah. I thought it was a pretty good workout. 🎶 [Music] 🎶 Hello people of YouTube! Welcome to today’s video. Today’s video I’ve got Sociables, so I’ll try to vlog that. I woke up and my phone wouldn’t turn on, it happened last night. It’s charging ’cause I don’t wanna be worrying about another phone right now ’cause I actually really like this phone, but I don’t really want to be yeah. I woke up in the middle of the night and I tried to turn my phone on and it wouldn’t. I’m like what the hell? I’m like please don’t say there is anything wrong with it, but it’s turning on, so good! ‘Cause I don’t want the stress right now of trying to think of what of what phone I want next and likdwhat not. Getting it fixed and what not. Today I got Sociables. I’ll try to bring my camera and try to vlog, but I probably won’t to be honest, but yeah. I ended up not vlogging a lot of Sociables. We just did work based tasks, cleaning and things, but yeah I didn’t wanna vlog that. But after lunch we went out for a walk which was nice. 🎶 [Music] 🎶 I got home and chilled out, I didn’t vlog anything else, so yeah. 🎶 [Music] 🎶 Hello people of YouTube! Welcome to today’s video! Today is Internet Friends Day! 13th February every year this day. I know a lot of people don’t seem to know about this, but if you look it up it’s actually a thing. Like. But I love this day way more than Valentine’s Day. Some of my closer Internet friends had a little gift kinda thing. Not gonna say what it is obviously. So today I’m gonna go on my PC, spend most of my time on the Internet. Celebrate with my Internet friends as best as I can. Writing in my diary. 🎶 [Music] 🎶 These drinks are so good! 🎶 [Music] 🎶 Celebrating Internet Friends Day online. I was on VidLii, Vlare, Ask, Twitter a little bit, Discord, Instagram and stuff like that. Just trying to celebrate Internet Friends Day as best as possible really. I don’t know what else to say… I hope everyone had a good Internet Friends Day by the way! It was great! Later on well it was later at night I voice called with my friends Dan and Hazza for Internet Friends Day, so that was nice. I don’t know what else to say… I didn’t really do much today, but go on my PC, so kind of what this vlog is. I did video edit, but I tried to film that, but it just lagged for some reason. It don’t usually, but Sony Vegas was being weird. Haha, I guess that’s all I did that day just like spend time on the internet a with my Internet friends as best as as I could and video edit and just chill out and voice called friends later on, but yeah. Yeah, I normally would be at the gym right now, but shit went down I’m not going to go into it… Not with Internet friends, in my personal life. Which I’m not gonna share on YouTube… I’m rendering. I’ve been editing videos. My autism question and answer video and I’m having f%#king trouble rendering it and it’s really a pain in the f%#king a**. The question and answer video finally rendered, so I’m happy with that. But yeah, I’m gonna end the vlog here. I’m not doing much else. I did do some exercise in the end, so yeah. Even though I didn’t go to the gym I did do some kind of exercise, so hopefully that makes up for it. 🎶 [Music] 🎶 Hello people of YouTube! Welcome to this video! Today’s video is Valentine’s Day! I’ll be celebrating the day with Sociables which will be good ’cause I don’t have a Valentine’s and that’s okay if you don’t have a Valentine’s. Like you don’t need a partner just love yourself or go celebrate with friends and family. WIth Hazza. Happy Valentine’s Day! Happy s*x day! Oh my God. 🎶 [Music] 🎶 *laughs* You almost fell? Yeah, haha. Epic fail. Come on! I am home and I’m home alone. I’m currently tryna sort out my anniversary video, so yeah. I got my tripod. When this vlog goes up you will see. Guys I just found some papers from when I used to go to Mencap. Oh God… I’m tempted to like throw this in the trash. 🎶 [Music] 🎶 Hello people of YouTube! Welcome to today’s video. Yeah my hairs wet as I just took a shower. At the start of this vlog was like video editing. Only just now went out and showered and got ready for the day well my PJs, but I don’t care. It’s just one of those days I don’t… You know when you don’t see to feel like doing anything point in anything like yeah. That’s kind of one of them days. *laughs* If I’m completely honest well at the moment it is is, so I didn’t really wanna shower, but I had to push myself to do it. Had to wash my hair. You have to shower. I just wanted to stay in bed all day like I didn’t feel like doing sh*t, but I was like I don’t wanna go back to my old routine of doing that because… I’m gonna go on my PC and do some YouTube stuff, so. I’ve done some video editing and I’ve mad some thumbnails for some videos. Did YouTube stuff basically. All I’ve done. I’m glad I finally found some motivation to do it all. but I’m happy At first I was like ugh I really don’t wanna do anything, but I’m happy somewhat productive day. I say somewhat, but at least I did something with my YouTube and stuff today. and watch Netflix I’m gonna write more in my diary and I think I’ll have dinner and then like relax and watch Netflix. Aw it’s making me hungry ’cause that looks really good what’s coming up in my recommended. Let me show you it’s vegan, but it looks so good well it don’t bother me it being vegan. That looks so good. It looks like a jaffa cake or something. It’s like I want to eat it right now. I’m getting hungry from that. I hope tomorrow is more of a vloggable day. Today was just like… Work on my YouTube, but fun work though! 🎶 [Music] 🎶 Hello people of YouTube! Welcome to today’s vlog. Today’s vlog is obviously Sunday and we’re going out today. I don’t know where exactly. I wish I knew the day before. I feel like my hair isn’t going how I want it, so f%#k it, I put a hat on. It’s annoying that My hairs just been so annoying lately. I can’t be bothered to fully deal with it, so hat it is. Good thing I like hats, isn’t it? ‘Cause if I didn’t I’d be screwed. Putting on my shoes. Yeah, I’m basically wearing what I wore Valentine’s Day. I’m fully aware of that, but you know what? I don’t care. Ugh God. So windy and wet outside, storm Dennis I think it’s called. I went to a shopping centre with my parents. We looked around a few shops. 🎶 [Music] 🎶 We went for a coffee at SoHo and I had a Chai tea latte and I feel like that’s all I have these days is chai tea. They’re so good though ever since I tried them I love them now. Yeah, we looked around a few shops. I didn’t vlog a lot of them, but looking in some shoe shops and looking at some shoes. I kinda liked these boots, but I didn’t buy them. Looking in the pet shop at the cute animals. Rabits are so adorable. 🎶 [Music] 🎶 We went to a Sizzling pub and I had a vegan katsu curry and it was so good as always and a drink of water. 🎶 [Music] 🎶 I am home as you can see that, so yeah. This vlog in the week was more successful than the last one I I tried to do which will be in the I card probably end up being that side knowing my luck, but yeah I hope you have enjoyed this vlog in the week! I’m gonna end this video here, so I hope you enjoyed it, bye guys. 🎶 [Outro Music] 🎶

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