Work of Art: Business Plan Essentials

– We developed our strategic roadmap
with a lot of help. – Yeah, a lot of help. – We called on a lot of different experts in the field
to help us determine what sort of mechanism might be best
for the type of organization that we are. – Various aspects of my studio practice
result in having multiple business plans, and I find it useful for gaining clarity
about how those two things fit together and also understanding a little bit more
about the individual goals within those two practices. – We have a five-year,
what we call our strategic roadmap. Basically, that roadmap, ultimately,
is a guide towards the ultimate vision that we have for this dance organization. – Once you know what your destination is and you know how long it’s gonna take you to get there, then it’s pretty clear
what your map is going to look like, what your course is going to be. – And once you get really clear about what you’re doing, the universe kind of opens up, and things just kind of happen. – And it also legitimizes, in a way,
the fact that my art practice is a business. And I find that I reevaluate it frequently,
and part of that reevaluation process is reprioritization of the things
that I’m working on in my studio. – It’s a guide and–
but not something that traps you in. – That’s right. – Did we do this? You know, here we are, ten years. What did we do in that ten years? Were we on our roadmap? Did we veer off? Did we go back? What did those signs say? – Sometimes what happens
when people write a business plan is, they realize that they actually
want to be an amateur artist. The word “amateur” is–
its root word is “amore,” which means you are doing it
because you love it and that the monetization of their practice is something
that they, in the end, aren’t interested in, because they’re in it
for the love of it after all. – Once you’ve gotten your feet wet,
or once you’ve gotten some experience, and you kind of know where you’re going
or if this is, in fact, what you really want to do, once you figure that out,
then you start getting more professional. You start seeking more help. – Don’t do it in a vacuum. Bounce it off of people who understand
how to sort of, like, build structures and really are gifted in this way and help you develop the necessary plans
and lay out the necessary steps for you to achieve your ultimate goals.

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