Working with an SEO Company During a Web Project

Hi, this is Chelsea with Tiny Frog
Technologies and today I’d like to share a little tip with you about when to
involve your SEO company. We have a lot of clients that like to work with SEO
companies to really take their website to the next level and get it to rank
well on search engines and that’s awesome. But something that is often
missed is the SEO company being brought at strange times during the project
and certain things having to be redone. One of the biggest things that we
recommend is to have your SEO company involved right at the beginning. Some
things that are really important for the SEO company to make comments on and give
you feedback are usually things that kind of build the foundation of the
website. So, for example, let’s say that you’re redesigning a website – you have
some pages that you’re not sure about keeping – and an SEO team will really be
able to give you the extra edge and allow their feedback to kind of steer
those questions and answers in the right direction. So we really recommend early
on in the project, usually during our strategy phase – when you work with a web
strategist – to have the SEO team involved in those early discussions because most
of the time by the time you get to the end of the project, they will have some
tweaks and sometimes those can be as big as removing entire pages or adding new
pages and as small as maybe making a couple of tweaks to the content.
So it’s really important to bring that SEO team in as soon as you kind of get
started on the project. It keeps everybody in the loop. You’ve got a
stronger idea of how the website is gonna turn out and really reflect what
you want it to in terms of the SEO and content. I’m Chelsea with Tiny Frog
Technologies and thank you for letting me share some tips about involving your
SEO company.

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