World’s Most Underrated First and Business Class – Oman Air

– Welcome on board Oman Air first class. (upbeat music) So today my first flight, 787 to Muscat. – Fastest time is 35 minutes.
– 35? Let’s break the record
today, let’s go faster. Wow! The total privacy room. Hello.
– Hello. – Hello sir, welcome aboard. – Welcome on board. – You have a different uniform. – Yes.
– New uniform. Is this really food or this is art? (electronic typing effect) (uplifting music) I’m flying Oman Air today, business class from Dubai to Muscat. And all the business class
guests, I was so surprised, all the business class guests can actually use the first
class lounge in Dubai. Chef Usman cooking my masala
omelette right now, breakfast. Who also do the same like me, put the baked beans on top of their eggs? – Hakuna matata!
– Hakuna matata, goodbye! – Hakuna matata! – So today my first flight is
with Oman Air, 787 to Muscat. (hostess speaks foreign language) Hi there, how are you doing?
– How are you today? – [Sam] Good. – This is your seat, sir. – May your face a hot or
cold towel for you, sir? – Cold towel, please.
– Certainly. Enjoy, sir.
– Thank you. (uplifting music) – Enjoy your drink, sir.
– Are you from Oman? – I’m from Oman.
– Oh wow, what’s your name? – My name is Abdallah.
– Abdallah, nice to meet you, Abdallah.
– Nice to meet you and a pleasure, welcome on board, sir. A headset for you for today.
– Entertainment for a 35 minute flight,
– Yes. thank you.
– Certainly, sir. For you, some dates, sir.
– Oh, look very nice. Okay, I’ll take one. This one?
– Yeah. – [Sam] This one is
like, a little bit reddy. Wow, very nice, thank you, thank you. – Enjoy the Omani coffee, sir. – Thank you.
– Thank you. – There you see, 40 minutes flights, Arabic dates, coffee, welcome juice, hot towel, cold towel, newspaper,
headsets, water, amazing. – So Sam, you’ll be
joining us after takeoff for the refreshment?
– Yes, okay, why not? – You’d like to have, we have salad with the chicken tikka cold, and you have the grilled
kingfish, it’s hot, warm. – [Sam] Okay, I have
the salad with chicken. – Certainly.
– For the summer. – Certainly. – We had about 30 minutes delayed because there were missing passenger, so they have to offload their baggage. It’s really tough, it’s really difficult, I was watching them through the window, working under 45 degrees
heat in the summer in the Middle East, it’s tough. So there’s immense respect to the people who does a fantastic job
during heat like this. (both speak Chinese) This mean welcome to the Sultan of Oman. – Of Oman, yeah. But the pronunciation is quite the… – You can speak Chinese?
– No! (all laugh)
(both speak Chinese) (all speak Chinese) – That’s Chinese, yeah
that’s, ama means Oman. – Oman.
– Yeah. (hostess speaks Chinese) – But I think now I speak another word I think you understand what I’m gonna say. Hakuna matata.
(host laughs) Hakuna matata.
– Hakuna matata. – Hakuna matata.
– Hakuna matata! – [All] Hakuna matata. ♪ It means no worries ♪ ♪ No worries, be happy ♪ ♪ For the rest of your days ♪ (all laugh) – Hi, welcome on board,
my name is (mumbles) Captain today for flight
WY604 back to Muscat, together with me in the flight deck is Senior First Officer Ali Sheroni. We have a flight time of
40 minutes back to Muscat and we will be cruising
at an altitude of 25,000, in fact about 250 and
with a speed of 300 knots. – What’s the fastest time you’ve flown between Dubai and Muscat? – Well, the fastest time is 35 minutes. – 35?
– 35 minutes, yeah. – Let’s break the record
today, let’s go faster. (engine whirs) (rock music) – Good morning, Mr Chui, my name is Renee, I’ll be your flight attendant for today. If you need anything just let me know. Excuse me, Mr Chui, here is your meal. This is the chicken tikka, together with the kingfisher fish and your preferred drink. Enjoy. – Chicken tikka was good, full of flavour, beautiful presentation. I gotta tell you, just 40
minutes flying on a Dreamliner, the pleasure is immense. You know, it makes a huge difference if you’re flying on a narrow body compared to wider body, it
just gives you a lot of space, just a lot of pleasure, personally to me. Just got my third towel service
on this 40 minute flight, at boarding they gave a cold towel, and after takeoff they gave a hot towel, and now before landing,
they give another hot towel. (rock music) (plane lands) 40 minutes flying, we
just landed in Muscat. Short flight, but very, very good start. Now, I’m gonna transit in Muscat, onward for my next flight,
first class to London. (rock music) Thank you, thank you, see you. – Thank you very much Mr
Sam, hope to see you soon. – Bye, see you soon.
– See you, bye. – [All] Bye! – [Sam] Oh yeah, this lady, (laughs) bye! – Bye!
– See you! Okay, byebye.
– Okay, byebye. – [Sam] Wow!
(receptionists greet Sam) Quite beautiful, golden gates. – Mister, welcome to the lounge. – Welcome to the lounge, sir. – You are most welcome to
the first class lounge. – [Sam] You are the man with
the key here to come in. – Nice to see you here, sir.
– This is first class lounge? – [Receptionist] Yeah, this
is our first class lounge. – Wow. This whole lounge is just
so quiet and so private. I feel like I was the only passenger here in this whole lounge, very nice. – So sir, we have a dining
area and we have a sitting area if you sit in sitting area
staff are gonna come up. – Okay. This is the fourth towel, I’m on a record receiving the
fourth towel of this trip. (rock music) Wow. Huge prawn, this is from Oman?
– Oman, sir. – Oman, this is local. – And this is a local dish in Oman. Local dish?
– Machboos rice and the prawns – It’s like, almost
like curry flavour rice. – Yeah, rice spicy.
– Smells very nice, good spice, thank you very much, thank you.
– Thank you sir. – The whole first class lounge at Oman Air in Muscat is beautiful. But my favourite is this little oasis, a private oasis here. They have these beautiful
sleeping pods here, privacy, total privacy room. And they also give you
first class amenity, first class pyjamas. So I recommend you to come to spend 3-4 hours in this lounge. Bye.
– Thank you, sir. – Bye.
– Have a nice flight. (uplifting music) – Hello.
– Hello sir, welcome aboard. – Hello, welcome on board.
– That’s your boarding pass? Thank you very much, sir. Locate from that side,
my friend assist you. – You look a bit different to
my first flight from Dubai, you have a different uniform! – Yes.
– New uniform! – I love my uniform.
– I love your scarf. (piano music) – There you are, sir. (uplifting music) – Welcome on board Oman Air first class. – Hot or cold towel?
– A cold towel, please. – Here you go. – This is the fifth towel
I receive on this trip. Keep going. – Hi, sir, would you like to
have a newspaper for today? – Yes, Omani newspaper please. This is interesting as a welcome drink, this is like a smoothie actually, it feels like a passion fruit smoothie. Mmm.
– Coffee, Mr Chui? Enjoy. – Thank you. – Hello Mr Sam, allow
me to introduce myself. My name is Aman, I will be
the cabin director today with my colleagues, so
if you need anything or you need any help just let me know. Enjoy the flight and enjoy
the service, welcome on board. – Aman, where are you from?
– I’m from Morocco, sir. – Ah right, nice to meet you.
– Nice to meet you too. – Allow me to introduce
myself, my name is Juna, along with me Aman will
be taking care of you. Here is amenities for your comfort. You have seat control here,
there is remote for you. – [Sam] Seat control here? – Seat control here, yes.
– Ah right. Ah right.
– And we have complimentary menu basket over here, with
your ??? And your headsets. – [Sam] All right then,
thank you very much. – Thank you so much.
– Thank you. (uplifting music) (upbeat music) – This is your pyjamas, sir. I chose the large size for you, is this okay for you?
– Yeah, thank you. – Thank you so much. – In the toilet going
for a change of pyjama. (whoosh sound effect)
There you go! Changed to the Omani Air pyjama on board. One thing is pretty easy on this pyjama is all you do is zip up instead of actually flip over your head and it’s easier to wear. This is pretty amazing,
champagne and caviar at 40,000 feet in your
private suite on Oman Air. – Would you like to
have some chilled vodka with your caviar? – Wow, this is huge! (laughs) Very cool. When they brought this out I was thinking “is this really food or this is art?” Presentation is amazing. (upbeat music) Cheers. Well, I think their show
plate is so beautiful, I wanna show you the plate here, it is actually resembling
the mountain in Oman because there’s lots and lots of mountains like Jebel Akhdar, Jebel Shams. Well that’s all I’m gonna eat because flying first class is
almost like an eating feast. You get to eat in the lounge,
you get to eat on board, I came from Dubai, I was
already in the lounge, had a breakfast and then I
had bit of nibbles on board, and then in the lounge in Muscat I have, you know the prawn machboos, and now, I’m just gonna have a light caviar and I’m gonna have a dessert. So that was it, I can’t eat any more, it’s just unlimited food here. So after a big meal, of
course this is time for a nap. There’s only two passenger
in first class today, so it’s very lucky we have eight suites, so the flight attendants set up my bed on the suite next to me so I can keep this one
as my lounging, office, TV lounger and then the next one to sleep. Talk about first class,
Oman Air has two Dreamliner with first class pods arranged like this. They’re primarily serving
London twice a day. This is like having
your own private suite, double suite together
to enjoy by one person. (relaxing music) – Mr Sam, do you want to
have some selection of tea? – [Sam] Let’s have a look. Do you know what this one is? – [Juna] This is the Bali tea. – Green mint tea.
– Green mint tea. – Yeah, I’d like to have
some green mint tea, thank you very much.
(upbeat music) Well, I didn’t sleep because
I think it’s a day flight, it’s a bit hard to sleep. So I lay flat for about an hour or so. – [Juna] Your scallop,
scallop with the prawns. Enjoy.
(upbeat music) – [Sam] You have a lot
of pepper inside here. – [Juna] Yes.
(Sam laughs) – I want to know, does
Oman people love pepper? That’s why you have such
a big pepper shaker. – Omani people, we love spicy, that’s why. – Oh, Omani people like spicy.
– Yes. – I was feeling emotional
during my second meal watching The Greatest Showman. ♪ Never, never ♪ What an amazing voice. Sharin, you look very exotic, I couldn’t guess where you come from. – I’m from Iran. – From Iran?
– Yes. (both speak Iranian) Yes. – From Shiraz?
– Yes, my city name is Shiraz. – Oh my gosh, Shiraz lady, very pretty. – Thank you.
– That’s famous in the world. A lot of viewers are inspired to work in the airline industry, they want to become a cabin
crew like you just have been. So what advice you will give them? – Flexible, it’s super
active, I love this job. – Flexible and super active.
– Yes. – Thank you so much (speaks Iranian). – This is the log book
for the junior fliers to get more more points
for these frequent fliers – Wow, look at this.
– joining us in Dubai. – [Aman] It’s like a passport,
it looks like a passport. – [Sam] Wow, it’s amazing. – So we do this stamp here
– You stamp here. – Yes, and then the captain
– Wow. – Has to sign down there,
– Amazing. – [Aman] So it’s always
captain’s signature needs to be there.
– That’s really amazing, – Yes! (laughs)
– I need one of these! (Sam laughs) The captain said the weather
in London, 37 degrees Celsius. We are just flying into
quite a bit of cloud, I think it’s thunderstorm building up, so we’re actually circling before getting permission
to land into London. Yeah, another great
flight, nothing went wrong, really good flight as it
should in first class. (upbeat music)
(pilot talks on radio) – Approaching minimums.
– Thank you. – Minimums.
– Landing. – [Co-Pilot] 100. 50. 30, 20, 10, five. (plane rattles) (air traffic control on radio) – [All] Hakuna matata! (whooshing effects)

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