Worst Beginner Mistakes Starting Your Online Business & Amazon FBA 2019 (HOW I LOST $15,000!)

What is going on everyone? Welcome back to my channel today. In this video, I’ll be talking about the 5
reasons why people fail in online business, including Amazon FBA. So honestly, I think this video will be one
of my most easiest YouTube videos to film because I have made literally all of these
five mistakes when I was just starting out my online business. If you guys are new to my channel, please
subscribe and please hit the notification bell if you want to see more videos from me. Please make sure you watch until the very
end of this video because I am going to be sharing with you my story and how I lost $15,000
starting out on Shopify. So the very first reason why people fail in
online business and Amazon FBA is because they don’t have a goal. You don’t have a mission. You don’t have a goal and you don’t know why
you’re even doing this. You are doing it maybe because you found it
attractive on YouTube. You are selling on Amazon or you’re starting
your own online business because… well, why are you doing it? When you don’t have a solid goal and you don’t
have a reason why you are doing this, it’s going to be very, very hard for you to achieve
and get success in any type of business. I don’t know about you but what drives me
every single day and how I stay motivated is because I think about my long term goal. My goal is I would never want to return back
to my 9 to 5 cubicle desk job. It was absolutely horrible. I hated it. I hated the people. Hate is a strong word but hey, I hated my
9 to 5 job and that’s why I started Amazon FBA and my online businesses because my goal
has been the very same since day 1, I never, ever want anyone to control my life again. I never want to return back to a 9 to 5 and
I want to be my own boss. You see, a lot of people overlook this. You do things because other people want you
to. You do things because you find it glamorous
or very attractive online. So you start doing it. But you have to write down what is your own
goal? What is your mission? Why are you trying to start your own online
business? When you know your goals very, very well,
you are going to work 10 times more hard towards getting what you want, making that passive
income, whatever it is. The second mistake that I see online entrepreneurs
make every single day is that they are not spending enough time on their business. So, if you guys have been following me for
awhile, you know that I am always active. If you send me a message, I am going to reply
within 24 hours. I am just really, really active and I am always
engaging with my audience, with my students, with my members, with my viewers, with you. And a lot of the time, a lot of new entrepreneurs,
they don’t spend enough time working on their business. If you don’t set aside a time every single
day to work on your business, such as Amazon FBA, if you guys are selling on Amazon. How do you expect to get customers? How do you expect for your business to grow? How do you expect to get the success that
you really want? So before you start an online business or
if you are in the middle of an online business, you have to make time for it. Every single new business whether it’s online
or offline, whatever it is, you need to invest your time, energy, and effort into 110%. Having a new online business is like having
a new born baby. You have to spend a lot of time, energy and
effort into it. I know I keep saying that but I really stress
that because I see that one of the main reasons why people fail with Amazon FBA especially
is that they always tell me, “Tamara, I don’t have the time. I have a dog, I have a cat, I have my baby,
I have my husband, my wife.” Well, there are a lot of times where you can
actually squeeze in just one hour a day just to make sure that you are getting the knowledge
that you need to get your business up and running. Remember, the only person who can set your
schedule for you is yourself. You have to hold yourself accountable. You have to be responsible and you have to
squeeze in that time, every single day, to make sure that you are on the right track
to success. Also, I know a lot of you guys are starting
out online businesses because you want to generate passive income. But the truth is, when you run a real business,
such as myself, I have a few online businesses happening at the moment, you don’t stop. When you get success, when you see your business
growing, and growing, and growing, and your students getting more and more results, your
customers loving, admiring, and adoring your products, you actually don’t stop. You want to keep going. And that’s where I really want you guys to
start looking forward to. Mistake number 3, you are not doing the proper
research to get to where you want to be. So with Amazon FBA, a lot of you guys do product
research and sometimes you don’t know whether or not you should pull the trigger to sell
this product. You are not getting the help you need before
pulling the trigger on that product and you are risking literally thousands and thousands
of dollars. You guys, I see this happening every single
week, people are not getting the help they need when they are just starting out their
business. And they end up losing thousands of dollars
on a product when they are trying to get it up and running. So, some questions to ask yourself: why are
you selling this product? How are you getting your customers? How are you going to launch and market and
sell your product? You can have the most amazing, best idea in
mind for your business, the perfect product, the perfect service. But if you don’t know how to launch and sell
that, exactly step by step, you are going to run into a lot of problems. No one is going to buy your product. You don’t know how to sell your product. You don’t know how to get your audience, your
customers, or whoever it is that you want to be interested in your product. So make sure that you are doing all of the
upfront research before investing thousands and thousands of dollars into your online
business or Amazon FBA products. This is actually one of the biggest mistakes
that I made when I was just starting out my online business which I will tell you about
after these 5 mistakes that I’ll talk about right now. But it was just not doing any research upfront
and I literally just threw up some products online, praying to God and hoping that someone
will help me and someone to buy my product. It does not work that way. Trust me. You need to write up a 110% solid business
plan before you invest your money into everything. This is very important if you don’t want to
risk losing a lot of money. Mistake number 4 is that you are lacking some
motivation and commitment towards your business. This is the most common out of all of us. I am sure sometime throughout your week, you
are going to feel like you’re less motivated. You are pushing things off that you are supposed
to do. Maybe it’s your product research. Maybe it’s creating your product listing. Maybe it’s hitting that $10,000 mark in profit
per month. You have all of these plans and goals but
you are lacking the motivation. So for some of us, we need someone to hold
us accountable. Not all of us are self driven. Everyone is different. For myself, it took a lot to get there, to
be responsible and disciplined every single day. So you can keep working at it towards my business. But for a lot of us, when we are new to any
sort of online business or business in general, whatever it is, or a new habit, when you are
trying to develop that new habit to keep on going, to keep on working, you don’t have
that motivation. You need a good kick in the ass, someone to
give you direction and guidelines everyday so you stay on track. Some of us need that, some of us don’t. So if you are lacking motivation or determination
or you are having a really hard time just getting up and doing what you’re supposed
to do everyday for your business, I suggest doing one thing you love every single morning
to get you started. So, for myself, I like to go for a hot yoga
class. I like to go to the gym or I’d like to go
for a run, every single morning for at least 1 hour before I start my work day. I have a lot ahead of me throughout the day
but I need to think clearly. I need to feel happy. I need to feel motivated and ready. If I am not, if my mind is not in the right
place throughout the day, my whole day is going to crash. So I hope that kind of helps you. Just make sure that you make some time in
the morning to do what you love. It could be reading. It could be cooking. It could be talking to a friend on the phone. Whatever it is, make sure you are putting
aside some time in the morning, before your big work day, to do what you love. Mistake number 5, this is one that most of
us don’t even notice is that you have the wrong attitude. Sometimes you have the wrong attitude towards
what you are trying to accomplish. So for an example, I had a call recently with
someone. During our whole consulting call, he paid
me for this coaching call because he said, “Tamara, I need help with my product, I need
to get it up and running.” Okay, we had the call but he spent 50 minutes
out of that whole one hour call, complaining about something. He was complaining, he was not being constructive,
he was being destructive. So I am not saying this is you but a lot of
the times, we have to reflect back on our attitude and really think, “how am I handling
my situation?” You have to ask, “am I looking at this in
a positive way or am I looking at this in the wrong, negative way?” So a positive way would be, “okay, maybe I
lost $500 on trying to rank a keyword.” The positive way to look at this is, “wow,
I may have lost some money but I gained a lot of experience, a lot of knowledge that
will get me closer to where I want to be.” A negative attitude will be, “screw this,
I am done. This is complete bullsh*t. I am just done with this and I am never going
to succeed.” When you have a bad attitude, it’s going to
reflect on your business and your work and your business will start going downhill. And you are taking up more time complaining
about your situation rather than learning and fixing it. Do not be that guy. But do believe this one thing that I am going
to tell you right now. These are absolutely good mistakes. And I know that sounds weird but if you are
not making mistakes within your entrepreneur journey, you’re not really learning. You have to make mistakes in order to learn. So a lot of you guys want to perfect everything,
making sure everything goes smoothly and 100% right before starting your business or whatever
it is. But the truth is all of us will make these
mistakes some time along our business journey and it’s just impossible to avoid. I don’t know anyone who has succeeded without
making any mistakes. Which brings me to my story about losing $15,000
when I was just starting out my online business. I watched a lot of YouTube videos on which
online business model I should follow. And before I found Amazon FBA, before I found
success on Amazon FBA, I actually started my own online clothing store on Shopify. This was in the middle of 2017, right before
I found Amazon FBA, and I made all of these 5 mistakes. I cared absolutely nothing. I was really high up on my high horse. I really wished I had a coach. I really wished someone would give me direction. But I just thought, “hey, let’s just dive
right in and maybe I’ll figure it out on the way.” Absolutely worst mistake that I have made
was just not getting the help I need and not listening to everybody. I was a big know-it-all. I was very close minded. I didn’t ask any questions. I wasn’t a part of any community and I have
more and more mistakes obviously. But I just had mistakes piling and piling
and piling on top of each other. And that’s when I lost $15,000. I actually bought inventory from AliExpress,
put up my clothing, nice pretty dresses on Shopify, hoping that someone will find my
store online. Big mistake. No one found my store. I had an Instagram account and that was absolutely
the worst feeling in my life. I thought I was a big failure. I thought, “holy sh*t, I could have done so
much more with $15,000. I could have gone on 3 nice vacations. I could have bought that. I could have bought this.” But instead, what I realized today, looking
back at every single mistake that I made is that I am so happy I lost that $15,000. I am so happy that I took the leap and just
dived right in even though I made 20,000 mistakes. I am just happy that I made some mistakes
because it would have never brought me to where I am now, where I am much more knowledgeable,
more smart with my business choices. So even though if anyone hear is listening
and you have failed at some point in your life, just remember, as long as you learned
something and you are going to fix that problem, whatever it is, and look at it more in a positive
perspective and not make those mistakes again. Just be a little smarter next time. You are going to achieve whatever you want
in your life. You will get what you want. But you really have to realize and change
your attitude in that way where you have to think, again, instead of thinking that this
was the worst thing that has ever happened to me, how did it help me? How did it help me grow as a person? What can I do to use that experience where
I failed and put it towards success? How can I turn that into success? So I hope you guys found this video useful. I actually think this was, again, the easiest
video that I filmed because honestly, this is speaking from my heart, every single one
of these mistakes, I have made. And again, I am very glad I made them. I couldn’t be happier that I made them. If you guys liked this video, please give
it a thumbs up. If you have any questions for me, please comment
below. And subscribe to my channel. I’ll see you guys in the next video.

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26 thoughts on “Worst Beginner Mistakes Starting Your Online Business & Amazon FBA 2019 (HOW I LOST $15,000!)

  1. Currently my students who have launched their Amazon FBA products are PROFITING between $2000-75000 per month.
    Join my FBA Winners Facebook group to learn who they are and how they're crushing it http://bit.ly/amzfbawinners

  2. Great video! I’m not sure if you’ve done a video on this already, but are there any fba courses you would recommend?

  3. Yeah, it's never always smooth sailing for everyone when they first get into something completely new to them. Thanks for the video!

  4. Try going back to your old work for a day and looking around. That's some free motivation for anyone. Lest we forget how much it sucked!

  5. Great video Tam. You will always have the ups and downs and there's nothing wrong, but you need to believe in your dreams of owning your own business. Tamara is the real deal and you will never find a more honest person.

  6. Another great Video T! Amazon FBA is a journey not a destination!! Which reminds me how do you do it while hanging up in the Caribbean sky haha!! Big ups to your VA!! 😛

  7. Amazing inside into your journey and start up a real business. I believe you will be successful if you have strong "Why's" make a list and write it down. Failure is a part of Entrepreneurship, that's how you grow, how you learn and become better. I lost money in my first month selling through PPC, but that made me research this subject so much, that now a month later I'm getting the first real good results. Also don't see mistakes as failure, this is how you learn, and invest in yourself. My next investment in myself is buying Tamara's Course. She was the only person ever that reached out to me helping me with PPC without me being her actual student, and that's truly amazing.

  8. As always, another great video. You're an awesome teacher, mentor, coach. Always sharing, always giving. Thank you, Ms. T! :)♥♥♥

  9. What is the best way to get ranked on amazon.ca (Canada) can I do giveaways? Or what can I do to get my product ranked. Do you have any tips?

  10. Hey Tamara ? I’ve been educating my self as much as I can but I’m so overwhelmed at the moment and I already have found two products with low competition and ways to differentiate, can I book a call with you ?

  11. Interesting video?, you are definitely not a failure. But I know the feeling when stuff fails again and again. Anyhow⬇️
    The why is indeed fundamental. Here's my why story ?

    I did like my job 🙂 I loved it. That was the problem, well, partially.

    I used to be a lifeguard, started as a pool lifeguard in 2012 and it was awesome! The sun, the tan, the money, the women, the adventures.. ?

    In 2014 I decided to go for another big adventure and backpack the world, so I saved up some $ and went traveling through Asia.
    I had a ticket from Tel Aviv to Delhi and a ticket back from Bangkok to Tel Aviv a year later. No idea of what to do in between. It was one of the craziest times in my life.
    I literally had nothing to take care of, I was super free. Traveling, meeting people and exploring planet earth, wow.

    I came back to Israel a year later, full of ambitions, full of power to create stuff! I wanted to give myself the ability to travel and live as I did during that year.

    So I came back to lifeguarding, started modeling and I was searching for stuff to do online. Tried running a travel blog, doing Periscope, developing my Instagram, trying all sorts of platforms and during the year 2016 I made a WHOOPING 2 dollars from the internet. I sold a picture from my travels in India on 20twenty (like a service to sell pics).

    2 dollars in one year XD. Better than 0!

    Also, during 2016 I went through a course of coastal lifeguarding. I became a coastal lifeguard and had much more time to invest in myself. The problem (if you can call it so), was the comfort zone with this job.

    Like, it was really comfy and paid well, I had crazy times with people I met while working, and I think I already mentioned the wonderful women I met, I guess being a lifeguard is somewhat like a pilot or professions with a uniform, you girls love that??. But I did not have the freedom. It was still 12 hours a day (hi all 9-5 people, you are lucky?!).

    Late 2016, I stumble upon Amazon FBA. Did I get the freedom? Pff, the opposite. The first year was the hardest.
    We launched 4 products during 2017, had lots of out of stocks, lots of challenges like hijackers, complaints, money issues, you name it.

    Early 2018 I quit my job, with 13k revenue in January with 0 margins (re-launches ate the profits). Nada.

    But for ME, it was the time to quit. (don't quit your jobs ASAP or just to prove that you are a cool entrepreneur, pointless). You'll know when it's the right time. I had to make a switch, and I promised myself that I will never work for the man again.

    I remember myself staring at the mirror and just saying that; I will never go back to work again (x50?). Did that for days.

    It's 2019 now, I have my business running better??, I have a consulting business, I am in the middle of creating a course for advanced Amazon sellers, and now I also YouTube and create video content.

    I never went back to being a lifeguard. Btw, I am not a success invulnerable robot! I still have fears, procrastination, etc. I just know how to handle them better.
    Books help here, and your circle of close friends.

    Lol btw, indeed can relate to the part when 50 minutes of the consulting call is just emotions. I like supporting people this way too, that grabs a big chunk of the call lol.

    Anyhow, if anyone is still reading (thank you for your time!), I hope this gives you some motivation and I wish you a truly awesome day. Tamara, keep killing it.

  12. i’m saving majority of every check for my first 2 payments on a product and so i can buy your course to begin.

    i watch your videos and think about my goals to keep me motivated

  13. Wow
    Hi Tamara, this Alan, I’m new to your channel and what a great video, thanks for sharing your experiences

  14. Thanks for this video Tamara. Now I'm more convinced that I want you to become my mentor. Though as of now I can't afford to join your course & one-on-one call (I just started my 2nd product on Amazon all my money is there hahaha…) my goal is to afford it before end of this year.

  15. Hate is not a strong enough word for me Tamara because I ended up hating the type of people I worked with and the job itself. Ill be starting my Amazon journey shortly and cant wait, so thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your help thus far.

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