Wow & Comcast Internet Satanic Business Plan

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6 thoughts on “Wow & Comcast Internet Satanic Business Plan

  1. I paid 60 bucks for the cable install and when the cable guy came out and cut the cable that was an act of vandalism. They can't destroy your property after you paid for it. It's like you paid someone to put in a concrete sidewalk and the cable guy comes out with a sledgehammer to smash it up so that you have to get a new sidewalk. When you pay for an install, they can't legally cut the cable that you paid for. I paid them 60 bucks to install a cable into my house. They don't have a right to cut that cable. That is a criminal act when they do. Next time they do that I'm calling the cops To report a crime. My security camera will video the guy cutting the cable or disconnecting it. They have a right to disconnect it but they don't have a right to cut what I paid for. If I get the guy on video cutting the cable I will upload it to YouTube.

  2. Hey I'm just reaching out to some select players involved in the Vegas shooting whether you're Pro narrative or anti-narrative I have created a somewhat sizable group on Hangouts.. it is not a group for bullying or massive debate, but it is a group 2 have cordial discussions share information share your views on certain things. It is also not a group for beginners this is for known players in this realm. I believe all I would need is an email and who we would be addressing such as a first name. If you would need a small list of who's already in.. you're more than welcome to or you could just simply X Out of the group if you find that there is people who you do not want to discuss anything with. Once again it doesn't matter if your views it's about discussion and sharing amongst well-known parties.

  3. xfinity scams customers, their home security system does not protect customers, their equipment sends false alarms to the police resulting in fines, the security system is not professionally installed or professionally monitored, they simply do not care about customers, after a alarm, they don't even make contact with you to see if you are still alive, they make no attempt to correct malfunctioning equipment settling on blaming the customer as a company policy.

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