Wow & Comcast Internet Satanic Business Plan

Wow & Comcast Internet Satanic Business Plan, March 16, 2018. So these two Internet companies compete for TV and Internet and they run the specials for $19. 99 a month for one year. This is why I keep going on and off-line. When the $19. 99 special is up, I cancel my Internet access. Internet is not worth $19. 99. I mean Iím spending thousands on eBay, YouTube twitter it basically harvesting all of my wisdom and knowledge to benefit themselves. The FBI is spying on me and use in every Google search to try to frame me for a crime I didnít commit. These people should be paying me $50,000 a month to have Internet access. So anyway, I had WOW Internet for a year at $19. 99 a month, I remembered to cancel after the year. I called them to cancel and they talk to be into the $25 a month Internet, that was twice the speed. So I agreed to $25 a month, even though I donít believe Internet access is worth $19 a month. Especially with all the negative comments left on my Twitter and YouTube. These people should be paying me millions. Anyway I told the guy at the time that $25 a month was the maximum I was going to pay for Internet access. And I was only getting it because they were promising me 25 MB uploads and downloads. And the Internet was faster. I was able to upload high definition videos to YouTube, in a pretty decent amount of time. Anyway, time goes by and Iím getting older and I forget. Iím on a fixed income and old age is setting in, so my memory lapses. Iím sure thereís lot of people with Alzheimerís and senior citizens who forget to call back and cancel their Internet and the price goes up automatically. Especially when they donít notice because of auto pay. But I wasnít worried, because I told the guy I donít want to pay more than $25 a month, I want my Internet canceled after the year. The guy told me not to worry about it, when I signed up. So I didnít worry about it and I forgot about it. I get these credit card statement updates every day in my mail. Unfortunately itís too much. They send me an update whether my account has changed or not. So basically they send me an update to say my account hasnít changed. Because they send so many, I donít even look at them anymore. So I didnít notice that WOW Internet was now taking $35 a month out of my visa card. When I signed up for the $25 a month, I didnít agree to have $35 a month deducted from my credit card. So I called them back to tell them and they try to tell me that in the small print, it says they can take whatever they want. So if they want to take $10 million on your visa card they can do it. I say they cannot, I say thatís fraud. We had a verbal agreement, that they would only take $25 a month out of my visa card for a year. Once they started withdrawing $35 a month out of my visa card, without my permission, that was fraud. Then my bank got into it. Because they said Iím not even supposed to set up an automatic withdraw on my liquid card. So my bank told me that I cannot have automatic payments come out of my liquid card. I wanted the payments to come out of the liquid card, because, if I didnít want that Internet I can cancel my liquid card and they couldnít get anymore of my money. Now I canít sign up for Internet, unless I use my regular charge card, which means if they want to charge $1 million they can do it, whether I have the money or not because itís credit. Because of the fine print, they claim that the fine print is the agreement, not the verbal agreement we make over the phone. So the bottom line, wow Internet was taken $35 a month out of my liquid card without my permission for at least six months before I noticed. I have other things to do then check my bank statements, to see how much their drawing out of my account automatically. I was also signed up to the paperless statements. So I wasnít receiving statements in the mail every month, letting me know how much money they were withdrawing out of my account. The only way I could know how much they were withdrawing out of my account, was to either check my liquid card email spam every day or log on to wowís website and check the PDF file. Well my computer is so slow and messed up, that I canít even open PDF files. Because of all the hackers and spammers. And It might even be the banks that hacked my computer, so I couldnít check my PDF file to see how much money they were taken out of my account. But I even had paid for WordPerfect 7 that Iím able to make PDF files. So Iím able to make PDF files, but Iím not able to read Wowís PDF files on my computer. Because I donít want to download the virus ridden Adobe acrobat, to decrypt their PDF files. I donít get why I can create an open my own PDF files, but I can NOT open their PDF files. And every time I download Adobe Acrobat, I get a virus and its spyware that spies on you. So I canceled wow Internet and I will no longer use wow Internet service. Because they had committed an act of fraud, by withdrawing more out of my account, then I agreed to. Then they claim that they can withdraw more money than I agreed to, out of my account, because the fine print that they sent me in a PDF file. Thaty I could not read. So the only way Iíll ever go back to wow Internet, is if I can get it for $19 a month, free install and they refunded me the difference between the $25 I agreed to, and the $35 a month they charge me for, for six or seven months. Itís like 60 bucks. So I seen an advertisement for Comcast Xfinity Internet access for $19. 95 a month. So I started to sign up online. They said they offered a free install. They also offered a free self install. So I was going to self install. But when wow hooked up their Internet cable, they cut the cable for Comcast. I had Comcast before two years ago. I wouldíve been able to do the self install, if they didnít cut the cable. Now I could probably run the cable, the boxe is right outside the house it would only take 5 feet of cable. In fact the box is attached to the side of my townhouse. The only thing is, I donít want to go into Comcast box and hook up the cable. Some body might snap a picture and think Iím stealing cable TV. So I couldnít sign up online, because they wanted to charge me for an install. The only reason why I would need the Comcast install, is because the wow cable Guy cut Comcastís wire. They said they offered a free install, but that was if you got TV also. So then I called Comcast and explained the situation and they offered to waive the install fee. Itís like some kind of conspiracy that when you cancel your cable or Internet they cut the cable, so that you have to pay for an install, if you ever get cable or Internet again. This is one scam they pulled that I fell for a couple of times. Because Iíve seen them cut the other guys cable or they will even cut their own cable, so that you will have to pay for an install the next time you get cable or Internet. But Iím not falling for that scam anymore. If they cut the cable, they pay for the install or I donít get their service. So Iím on the phone with Comcast, I get the $19. 99 a month Internet access, I get the free install and were all set up to get Internet access. The way you get it for $19. 99 a month, is to have the auto pay, otherwise itís $25 a month. So I agreed to the $25 a month, I agree to pay the over hundred dollar charge, if I cancel before the end of the year. But I donít agree that they withdraw $50 a month, out of my account at the end of the year. So I want them to automatically cancel me at the end of the year. She says they canít do that. She puts me on the phone with her supervisor. After arguing with her for an hour, they put me on the phone with her supervisor. I talked to the top supervisor at Comcast and I explained to her how I got ripped off from wow Internet. Iím getting old, Iím on disability, Iím on a fixed income, I forget, I might even have al-timers for all I know and Iím going to forget to call and cancel after the year, so I want to set up the cancellation date now, when Iím getting the Internet access. I donít want to have $50 automatically withdrawn from my credit card at the end of the year when I forget to call back. After arguing with the top supervisor, she says that although I agreed to the $25 a month, although I agree to have over $100 withdrawn if I cancel early, although we have these verbal agreements, she says the fine print in the PDF they sent me, gets her the ability to withdraw more than $25 a month out of my account. I tell her thatís fraud. She says itís not fraud, because of the fine print in the PDF file. I donít believe they can withdraw more out of my credit card then what I agree to. I donít care if you put in fine print somewhere, that you can withdraw $1 million out of my account because you tricked me into signing up for Internet access with a $19. 99 a month special. So the supervisor says donít worry about it itís a year away, youíre just signing up today, why worry about it just sign up. The same thing that WOW told me and then they started withdrawn more money out of my account, then I agreed to, for six months before I noticed. So that was yesterday, I almost had Comcast Internet for $19 a month with the free install but after I could not come to a agreement with the supervisor, I had to call back Comcast today to cancel my Internet access before they even came out to install it. They were supposed to install it tomorrow but I canceled today. Because the top supervisor at Comcast insist that their policy is to cheat people who forget to call back, cheat the people on fixed income, cheat the people who have disabilities, cheat the people who have al-timers, if the personís blind and they canít read their bill, oh well. the fine print says they can take out as much money as they want to out of your charge card. Thatís their policy in fine print. If you donít like it call up and cancel Comcast and wow Internet today. So I did. Then Comcast called back with the survey and I told them the only way I would ever get Comcast Internet or cable TV, is if they fired the top supervisor, that I talked to yesterday on March 15, 2018. So I still have Internet today, I canceled my wow Internet access and March 16 is supposed to be the last day. Sometimes they donít send someone out to cut the cable or disconnect the cable to the next day or a week later. But Iím glad Iím able to get this last video out. If I still have Internet access tomorrow I will make a video about my virgin mobile cell phone scam that Iíve been trying to get out of. I have virgin mobile pay-as-you-go and every month my minutes rollover that I donít use. Iíve had this phone for more than 15 years. And they said I could use those rollover minutes to purchase a new phone. So after 15 years I have $350 of rollover minutes credit. Iím kinda stuck in this deal with the devil. I can either cancel the phone and lose my $350 rollover minute credit, or purchase a new phone. Well they have a used iPhone 7+ I can get for $350. I would have to switch to their plan of a dollar a month for six months and then it would be $50 a month. So I was going to sign up with it and then After Six Months cancel it. In that way I get my 350 bucks Iíve been accumulating over 15 years back. The service is so crummy nobody could hear a thing I say when I call anyway. So Iím not going to call someone to try to use up my minutes, because they can hear me better over an Internet phone. So when I tried to get the iPhone seven, they said I couldnít use my rollover minutes to purchase that phone. So I told them, when I signed up, they said I can get a new phone and they said you can only get the android phones. So Iím like okay great, I will get the android Samsung galaxy S8. They said well you only have $350 credit and that phones $550. So I said one going to pay the difference in cash or credit card. They said you canít do that. So I said whatís the difference What if I add a $200 card to my account, then Iíll have $550 enough to buy the phone. They said you canít have more than $400 worth of minutes. The only phone I can get is these real cheap phones for less than $100 and I would have to buy about five of them to get my $350 bucks worth of minutes used up. This company already had one class action lawsuit against them for scamming people. They need another one and so does Xfinity Comcast and wow Internet. They are scamming people by cutting cables to get them to pay for installs and they are getting people with disabilities, senior citizens, blind people, people with Alzheimerís, people on fixed incomes, to sign up for auto pay and cheap Internet for a year, because they know after a year the people are going to forget to call up and cancel and theyíre going to automatically withdraw 50 bucks a month out of their account. Because theyíre fine print says they can go against verbal agreements. The government needs to step in and stop these big corporations from robbing the blind, the disabled, Alzheimerís victims, the elderly and people who simply forget to call back in cancel after the year. David has to stand up to Goliath and fight. .

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  1. I paid 60 bucks for the cable install and when the cable guy came out and cut the cable that was an act of vandalism. They can't destroy your property after you paid for it. It's like you paid someone to put in a concrete sidewalk and the cable guy comes out with a sledgehammer to smash it up so that you have to get a new sidewalk. When you pay for an install, they can't legally cut the cable that you paid for. I paid them 60 bucks to install a cable into my house. They don't have a right to cut that cable. That is a criminal act when they do. Next time they do that I'm calling the cops To report a crime. My security camera will video the guy cutting the cable or disconnecting it. They have a right to disconnect it but they don't have a right to cut what I paid for. If I get the guy on video cutting the cable I will upload it to YouTube.

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  3. xfinity scams customers, their home security system does not protect customers, their equipment sends false alarms to the police resulting in fines, the security system is not professionally installed or professionally monitored, they simply do not care about customers, after a alarm, they don't even make contact with you to see if you are still alive, they make no attempt to correct malfunctioning equipment settling on blaming the customer as a company policy.

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