Write Killer Facebook Ads: ROT Copywriting Formula – Building an Online Business Ep. 34

ROT……huh?? What’s up guys Jason here, an aspiring entrepreneur
and welcome to episode 34 of Building an Online Business From Scratch where I am showing you
everything I am doing to put together an online webinar sales funnel and today we are talking
about Facebook advertising, specifically how to write your ad using the ROT formula. So what we going to do, I am going to do a
quick overview on what the ROT formula is and then I will show you some live examples
how to apply it for whatever product or service or action you’re trying to get your potential
customers or prospects to take on your site. So what is the ROT formula? It stands for results, objections and time. So this is just one of many operating formulas
you can use. So let’s go through each one of them . Result,
number one, what does your user get to do or what do they get out of it? It’s good to think of this as a benefit
if you want to [cross talk] interchange them, whether there are differences between benefits
and results but for simplicity sake let’s just think of it as a benefit as opposed to
a feature. So for example if you talking about a SEO
EBook right you say download this SEO EBook well what? What do I get out of it? To answer the questions what’s the result? What do I get? Well you get more traffic. Okay well that’s great, what kind of more
traffic? Get free traffic to your site in the next
and then you know in the time you know so that will be, that will be the next one so
anyway that’s a quick example of results and then we objections so what would be an
objection to someone reading EBook so it would be even if you don’t know how to cope with
word press you’ve never done SEO before, you don’t know what link building is or
you don’t have a big budget or you just launched yourself. So now we have results and we have handling
objections so download this free SEO EBook, so you can get loads of free traffic to your
website even if you have no idea to code you just launched your website two minutes ago,
you have no money for advertising or you know you don’t know what back linking is or something
like that you know so those are all objections someone might have to using the SEO EBook. So finally we have time, how long is it going
to take? So maybe in the next thirty days, in ninety
days, in two years or it could be the other way around, do, doing something in less than
ten minutes or you know learn how to do SEO in less than five minutes something like even
if you know you’ve never touched a computer before. Now that’s kind of a silly example but it
has all of these elements in there and so it’s really great to list out all of the
results, what are all the objections and then how fast, how quickly can someone do this
how quickly can they see results. So with time you can go either how quickly
are they going to see results or how fast can they do it and then you can take those
time frames and kind of play around with them with the objections and the results so you
definitely want to spend a good thirty or forty minutes just trying to make an exhaust
list of everything. And then that way you have results you have
objections you have time frames and then when you split testing ad copy you can easily go
back to that list and just kind of Lego piece them together if you will as opposed to trying
to come up with new results or new objections each time. Just give yourself you have thirty or forty
minutes to really just deep concentrate focus on this have a nice long list and in that
way you can easily split test in the future. So enough out of me and talking about the
formula let’s go ahead and look at some actual ad examples. So our first example comes from digital marketers
who you see over here on the left and then they kind of break down results objections
time, so in this particular ad what stands out as the result is stand out in the inbox
more sales and more opens more clicks. Now I bolded more sales because it is important
to know it is standing out in the inbox and opens and clicks yes the results but they
just, they stepping stones to the real results that people want which is more sales. So more sales is going to be the main result
here and so I just wanted to highlight that for you and show you that there can be multiple
results but you reallywant to know what’s the one result that you really, really care
about you can mention other results that help get them there but more sales is what people
care about. So next we have objections. So the objections we have send fewer emails
and seven step formula. So two big objections here is how you stand
out in the inbox, well I don’t want to write a bunch of emails trying to stand out so they
immediately permed that objection objection by saying send fewer emails as opposed to
hey just send more emails and you’ll get more opens and clicks well duh because if
you send more you’ll get more but this is saying hey you’re actually going to have
to do less work so that’s kind of the objection there. So the next objection is well I don’t really
know how, it’s a really general one of well I don’t know how to do this like this doesn’t,
this whole email marketing thing just doesn’t make sense to me at all like it just doesn’t
work. Alright well handling that objection right
there we saying seven step formula so all of a sudden it’s like okay seven step formula,
there’s seven steps and it is very important that it isn’t just say email market formula
quick or E marketing formula, it gives a number and that number is really important. And time, now time isn’t specifically addressed
right here in this particular ad like I was saying earlier in the video with giving examples
so time isn’t explicitly stated but it’s implicitly communicated, and it’s communicated
through sending few emails which is also an objection, which is I don’t want to spend
more time on this and so by saying send fewer emails it’s letting them know that they
not going to have to spend hours and hours writing emails. Now it is a bit of a stretch but I just want
to point out that time element is there so even if you’re not, you’re not necessarily
explicitly saying it’s X amount of hours or X amount of days it’s important that
one of the elements of your ad at least alludes to this kind of take less time or more time
depending on what is most important. So next we have another digital marketer ad,
most of these are digital marketer ads because I know it’s hard to know things working
with other companies or other Facebook ads from just clipping the ads from the new digital
marketer is nice and solid. So in this ad the result is high converting
campaigns that’s what this Facebook ad template library is for, so the objections seven proven
will this work I don’t know maybe you just, maybe you just picked a bunch of [cross talk]
maybe you just picked a bunch of random things and you saying this will work. So seven proven saying these are something
that will work. Okay next objection is not have marketing
budget, how am I going to do this with such small marketing budget so then it kindles
the objection with low cost so to say proven low cost, cost and then we have time again
time is not explicitly stated here but it’s letting the viewer know that it’s not going
to take a lot of time because there are fill in blank templates. So instead of saying you know five minute
Facebook formula, it’s saying fill in the blank template, communicating that hey this
isn’t going to take a tremendous amount of time because all you’re doing is filling
in the blanks. Now next we have one that actually does give
everything explicitly like this just ROTC formula, ROTC [laughs] ROT just T no C ROT
formula to the letter here so what’s the result a hundred K in business. The objection it might be complicated and
we saying hey one simple funnel and you’re done. So this isn’t some complex thing or it’s
not going to be hard to set sop that’s, that’s the handling the objectives oh I
am not going to be able to do this. And time they say it will take 21 days, super
straight forward and I am 95 percent confident that this ad is working for them because they
continue to run it they actually have been keeping the same ad text for almost 3 and
half months now they just keep swapping out the image to keep that relevancy score nice
and healthy. And then finally we have yes another digital
marketer example so in this particular one it is the 60 second blog plan so I think time
is going to be pretty easy so let’s go over the result, the result not the strongest here
but it is a plan right the result is a plan so the objections I don’t have a plan creating
strategy is complicated so they are targeting a very, very specific person, this ad is targeting
someone who wants to start a blog and just is overwhelmed by the prospect of just getting
started right so that’s who they are targeting with this. So the result is hey here’s how to make
a plan by the way this plan is really simple and it’s fill in the blank and it’s only
going to take you 60 seconds and so it really, really curbs all, everything in this ad is
designed to curb the objection of it’s too complicated, it’s going to take too long
I am over whelmed so it is just kind of removing all of those over whelmed type of objections
with each part of the ROT formula. SPEAKER 1: Thank you for watching I hope you
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could be super detailed just your website. If you want to give me linked things to look
at I’d love to check them out and even do some videos for you because we
all going to learn from each other’s questions so until the next video keep building the
business you love take care.

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