Writing a Business Plan and Making It Work

We’ve all experienced entrepreneurial
burnout at one time or another and that’s what happens when you just wing
it in your business. So let’s get started In today’s video I’m gonna give you the
four pillars of strategic planning in your business so that you can have
control, clarity and direction in your business to predict sustainable growth.
Be sure to stick around until the end because I’m going to give you access to
a free tool that I’ve used to help countless entrepreneurs create the
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miss an episode. Those of you’re just getting to know me, my name is Kelly Roach. I’m a
business growth strategist and I help entrepreneurs around the world make six
and seven-figure leaps with the strategies that I teach including the
one that you’re about to learn today. Having a good, strategic plan in your
business literally takes all the guesswork out of how you’re going to
grow.So let’s dive in with pillar number one. Pillar number one is all about
planning for profits. You need to know where you’re going to generate the
income and revenue to get to your growth goals. You also need to know exactly each of the steps that you’ll need to take to be successful not only launching that
stream of income, but building and growing it so that you can achieve your
ultimate goal. In pillar number two, you’re gonna move on to people. Now this
is one of the most important essentials for entrepreneurial success and it’s one
of the most overlooked ones. You have to have a people plan if you want to build
a scalable business. A people plan is not for a business that’s already scaled
it’s exactly how you’re going to scale so if there’s one big takeaway I want
you to have from today’s video, sit down look at the revenue you want to create,
figure out the people you’re gonna need to do it and get started right away/ Now
let me ask you guys this question: have you developed a people plan for your
business? Give me a yes or no in the comments below. That’ll let me know
whether or not you guys need me to create a training specifically on that
topic. Pillar number three is all about your systems. Systems are the essential
step that you must get in place in your business if you want a business that not
only has predictable profits but runs like a well-oiled machine and doesn’t
burn you, the business owner, out in the process.
Some of the most important systems that are an absolute must for a scalable
business include a system for sales, a system for marketing, the system for
operations, customer on-boarding and off-boarding, billing and the list goes
on. Just start from where you are with what you’ve got but know that entrepreneurial overwhelm, which leads to burnout many times, is
because of a lack of systems. The sooner you get started getting organized and
making sure that every aspect of your business is laid out in a thoughtful
replicable step-by-step system, you’re gonna gain control over your business
not only how it’s being run, but its ability to grow. So pillar number three
is going to be an absolute essential to moving the needle on revenue growth and
profits in your bank account for your business. So now let’s talk about pillar number four. Pillar number four is the kicker.
Excellent execution. How many people do you know in the entrepreneur community
that have jumped from course to course, program to program, coach to coach, mentor to mentor, mastermind to mastermind and they’re still in the same place that
they started. Excellent execution is the ultimate catalyst for rapid business
growth and without you executing, none of the knowledge, expertise, strategy,
planning or mapping is going to make any ounce of difference, so excellent
execution is not just about you taking action, it’s about surrounding yourself
with the right assets, the right people, the right resources, the right tools to
be able to take those things in pillar one two and three that we talked about
put them in place take action on them consistently and generate a predictable
and consistent outcome. So now you know the four big pillars that you need to
include in your strategic planning and you’re developing of a roadmap for your
business so that you can create predictable, sustainable growth. But what
about all those little nuances? What about what order do you do things in?
What do you focus on, when? How do you figure out your profit streams and all
the action steps that you need to take in order to actually generate a result? I
understand there’s a lot more to it than at what I was able to cover in today’s
video so what I want you to do is click the link below because I created an
unbelievable resource for you, a simple, easy to complete template that literally
walks you through every step of the strategic planning process that I use to
help six and seven-figure entrepreneurs in my Legacy Leaders program and
Unstoppable Entrepreneur Program and countless others to make big leaps in
their business and to have one set document that drives all the decisions
that they make for an entire year. Imagine that. So click the link below to
get started right away. If you got value from today’s episode give me a thumbs up and hey if you’re feeling unstoppable give me an unstoppable in the comments. I want to make sure you never miss a thing and that I can help you grow your
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19 thoughts on “Writing a Business Plan and Making It Work

  1. Thank you for these great tips. I was stuck in course to course for long time – ACTION is where it's at. Great video and thanks for sharing.

  2. Love this!! Taking the 'big picture' and putting it into chunks that we can actually work on. There's always so many pieces in business and can be hard to keep everything clear. Thank you for this!

  3. I loooove using my panda planner to map out my tasks. Otherwise I use the 411 structure from The One Thing to set goals and map out goals in a year, month and week format. Great video!

  4. Yes! Systems. Something I've learned is to be ok with shifting and letting a system go (and creating a new one) if it's not working. The trick is knowing when to shift.

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