Writing Tips & Careers : Writing a Retail Resume

Hi, this is Laura Turner, and today I’m going
to talk with you about how to write a retail resume. What you’re going to want to do first
of course is you have lots of retail experience you’re going to want to put your most recent
and most impressive experience first. And specifically the experience that you have
in retail jobs and really, just make sure that you get everything down there as far
as what your responsibilities were in that particular store. So not only list your position
in the store, but also everything that you did with the store. You know, did you perform
audits, did you take out deposits. You know, if you were a manager. Did you supervise the
hiring of your employees? List all of these things, even if they seem insignificant some
of them, so that your new employer will know exactly what you have had experience with
and what you need to be taught. Because in a retail job, it’s sort of like you have these
skills that you can just keep building on that are going to pretty much work pretty
well for lots of different retail jobs. So detail all of the aspects of the job. And
also detail in your cover letter how your expertise and your level of expertise will
help the company grow and prosper. So not only make your resume immaculate but also
put in your cover letter just how important all of your experience is. And that is how
to write a retail resume.

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