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Caring 4 U is a domiciliary care agency We look after people in their own homes, so we look after elderly and people with brain injuries The point of the company is that we have high standards and that people who receive our care get the best possible service they can. Our customers need two things from the website. One is clear and concise information. And the second thing they need is I’ll call it a call to action, but they need to be able to know how to contact us and be able to do that really easily The website for Caring 4 U is extremely
important, and it’s one of the reasons why we came to Yell as our web provider. The process, and
I’m quite process-driven, was superb, so right from start to finish it’s
clear and everything’s explained. The first
thing’s that’s asked is for you to provide two or three websites that you actually like the look of, and then what happens is they’ll come back to you with a selection of
diagnostics that show why those websites perform
really well and some of the challenges around those websites For someone like myself, it explains what you would need to have in your website to make it perform well, which is really useful Once you have that, then the team get together and start to get creative They’ll start to put together some looks and words, and they come back to you and present you with that. You can then make any changes that you want, you can feed that back to the team that work with you on that and then
explain why they’ll make your website perform well why it’ll impact on Google as an example, and so on and so forth. So with all that information, all the
way along, you feel really comfortable about what’s been produced for your business The end result is superb and I I do feel the
need to stress this that, actually sometimes it’s not what I might like as a client, it’s actually what works for my business and that’s really important, and again
this has been explained to me all the way through so I actually do happen to like what’s been produced, I think it looks superb It looks really modern and it works for
our business From a back up and support point of view what I know is, and again i think is a key element that there’s a team that sits behind the
designers of the website that you can actually contact and make any change you want at any time There’s a 48 hour turnaround so if we need something done, it’s done really quickly I would definitely recommend Yell. The service has been second to none. The result has been
excellent and of course the client feedback that we’ve got, and the internal staff feedback, is that we’re a professional company that’s pushing the boundaries forward, and that comes because of our partnership with Yell

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