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My name is Sascha, I am an expert at HelloNina. And today, we talk about the topic of the “business plan”. Do you still need a business plan today? There are different opinions. I am of the opinion, that you still need a business plan. It is a very good… …preparation for a planned self-employment. And even when the… …business is already running, there are some moments, where it makes sense to work out a business plan. What does a business plan need? The business plan needs an environment analysis,… …a competitor analysis, I have to know my competitors. There are explanations made, concerning the product, the services that I… …want to offer. How do I want to reach my goals, which vision do I have… …how will I reach that, with which resources, staff. Very important is the topic of finances, how will I finance my idea. And also very important: the Executive Summary. Why is the Executive Summary done at the end of the business plan? The Executive Summary is like the roundup of the business plan. It is a pitch. On half a page, the whole business plan is introduced and summarized. And everyone who reads this must be thrilled. They have to want to read the whole business plan. Because of that, very important. The content of a business plan sounds very extensive. Can one do this alone? One even should do that alone. Then, you… …really confront yourself with your thought, your idea. It is very important to let your business plan be challenged. Ideally, on, … …you’ll ask one of our experts for help. And they do it independently. They test, they review the business plan. And then, something good comes out of it. Do you have another precious tip for me? Take your time with your business plan. It is an important phase, and it… …can’t be done over night. It needs time, it needs to develop a little. Step by step.

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