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Hey guys I was sitting at my desk
working away and I thought I would stop and just drop you a message. I am
thrilled to announce the opening of my build an empire Business Academy. You
know why I’m so excited? Because when I started as an entrepreneur 20 years ago,
literally 20 years ago, I did not know how to check an email. I couldn’t you
know do anything online. Facebook came out and I’m like what is this thing? I
literally had to learn business from A to Z. You know all the parts of it. So if
you’ve been struggling with how to grow your business, how to create social
influence, how to create leads on social media, how do you get a steady stream of
clients coming to you asking you to buy from you. Whether you’re a network
marketer, coach, consultant, you own a business, you have an online store,
whatever you have. There are ways that you can actually generate leads and not
spend a bazillion dollars on ads. Although, we will do some covering of ads
on different platforms, but what I really want you to know is how do you grow a
sustainable long term business that’s built on systems, not built on your back?
So yes you’re going to invest, yes you’re gonna put in time. But as you grow your
business we want to take over we want for that thing to become a cash flowing
asset. So how do you become a business person? If you’re an entrepreneur that
has dreams of six figures. Whether you want to build whatever business we just
mentioned. You are in the right place and this is the right time. The Academy just
opened but the doors are only open for a few more days. Here’s what you’re gonna
learn inside the Academy: Literally how to create an endless endless stream of
leads using social media, build your influence and create a brand that’s
super recognizable that people will absolutely love. You’re gonna learn how
to get those leads asking you about your product or opportunity and how to really
service them in a way that allows for them to become raving fans. Not only will
they buy from you, but they’re gonna send other people to buy from you. And so I’m
really excited because I think that for the first time ever… and you’ll see below
you guys the testimonies and some stuff that have posed been posted about what
people have learned. But I’m telling like like there’s people that are like
generating a hundred to four hundred leads a week, they’re converting 400%
more sales, and that’s on a low end. So if you guys are ready to take that next
step in your business. If you’re the person that says yes that’s me, I want
more. I want to be able to you know invest in my business with my time and
energy and have it produce an income, well this Academy is for you. So you’re
gonna get a curriculum that’s already built out. You get instant access of
course we’ll be adding to that curriculum each and every month. Then
you’re gonna get inside our free Facebook group. You’re actually going to
get a live training with me, on all different kinds of topics and you guys
get to ask questions and tell me what you need more of, and we’re really gonna
tailor it so that you get what you need. Also you’re gonna hear from other people
which is a huge component when you see other people doing things that you want
to do, it helps you believe you can do it too. So you’re gonna get a community in
the culture that are here entrepreneurial cheering you on, you know
moving you forward helping you also do better and be better. And with all of
that combined I firmly believe, not only are you gonna have the training the
skill set and the mindset you need, you’re gonna have the accountability and
the people around you that want to see it happen. So with that click the link
below get started. Like I said the doors are only open for a few days and then
they’re on a wait list. And I don’t know when the next time it’s gonna open. But I
do know this. There are literally people joining like crazy right now because
they just went through some free training with me. You may have missed
that, you may not have missed that, you may have been a part of that, but now is
the time. So go ahead click the link below. If you choose to pay in full for the
Academy, you’re actually gonna get a free planner. And the planner literally comes
with a time management training, tracking, social media daily method of operation.
Like literally everything you need to build your brand online, become an
influencer, generate leads, make more sales and become a money-making
happiness machine. So with that click link below. I, will personally see you on
the other side.

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